Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Elsa Elly you are on candid camera on March 28, 2011 - Say cheese.. Can't wait to see both of you

Latest photo of Elly. She must be feeling tired that is why can take her photos so easily

And this is Elsa. "Do you like to take photo, Elsa?"

"Feeling bored? No worries you will be napping again soon" Elly does not chew her toy yet today.

Guess Elly is about to meet Alice soon.

Both sisters are waiting outside for attraction. Could it be they are hungry?

This is Elsa licking her own mouth.

Both of them about to sunbathe

Sunbathing time as usual.

Elsa just dozed off but Elly still waiting for someone to accompany her

Finger licking good.. haha!! See how they licking her hand

Elsa's ears are infected with parasite. In the process of healing slowly. "Elsa, remember not to scratch or you will turn bald soon".

Both Elly and Elsa having appointment with Alice. Sweet dreams!!

Till another post.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Nap time for Elly and Elsa on March 27, 2011 afternoon

Nothing to do so it's nap time again.

Elly and Elsa continue to chat with Alice. It is a great adventure for them in their sleep. I wonder do dogs dream?

Rendang for lunch on March 28, 2011 - ALL ABOUT CLASSIC RENDANG - Rendang Ayam Klasic recipes

Cooking a wok of Rendang for lunch

Woke up this morning and one side of my body feeling sore and as I was cooking the rendang I had to use one hand to prepare the ingredients. Finished cooking now and I hope the pain will subside soon. Could it be due to nerve pain?

The classic rendang

CLASSIC Malay cuisine is all about long and slow cooking, in addition to the use of preserved and dried ingredients. It is also very aromatic depending on the use of basic flavouring ingredients.

The key ingredient in most Malay dishes is rempah or spice paste. Rempah is made by grinding fresh and/or dried spices and herbs to form spice paste which is then sauteed in peanut oil to bring out the aroma.

Malay dishes can be more or less distinguished by several styles of cooking: Masak Lemak (coconut), Masak Pedas (sambal, hot chilli), Masak Assam (tamarind), Masak Merah (tomato-chilli), Masak Hitam (dark-sweet soy sauce) and Masak Assam Pedas (tamarind and sambal, hot chilli).

These basic styles of cooking can be applied to a variety of food from meat, poultry and vegetables to all kinds of seafood and fish.

Rendang is a popular dish among the Malays and is cooked Masak Lemak style. Rendang is the local word for wok, and in this case, it refers to a dish that is cooked for a long time on low heat.

The Malays cook rendang in a kuali or wok as the ingredients need to be constantly stirred or turned over to ensure they are cooked properly.

There are many variations of the rendang – known as the Rendang Asli which is usually prepared using beef or chicken during festive and other special occasions.

One example is the popular Chicken Rendang. Here are three different rendang from the states of Perak, Selangor and Negeri Sembilan. These classic rendang recipes are prepared using key ingredients used in Malay cuisine and come with simple instructions.

Related recipes
Rendang Ayam Klasik Perak

Rendang Ayam Klasik Selangor

Rendang Ayam Klasik Negeri Sembilan


Sunday, March 27, 2011

The story of Elsa and Elly on March 27, 2011, Sunday

Elsa and Elly again on March 27, 2011- sun bathing

Just before dinner time - Elsa in a weird position waiting for Elly to play with her agin. They just had a good shower to day and they will get dirty in no time. Maybe they will be happier if they get dirty faster. Soon will be dinner time and...

Both of them enjoying their food now - Menu:

Another good chewing toy for Elsa and Elly - Hope they are willing to share.

All about Dog Rubber Tooth Toy:

Why choose Jungle Rubber Toy - Because it is safe and made of natural rubber, it smells good and will attract your pet while cleaning teeth and massaging their gums. It also cleans pet's teeth and is 100 percent natural rubber and also non toxic.

I hope Elsa and Elly will love their new toy.

Lunch on March 27, 2011 - Mee Goreng Mamak & Fried Bihun Cantonese Style

Red chilli and Chilli Padi to eat with the noodles

Mee Goreng Mamak

Fried Bihun Cantonese Style

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pizza for dinner on March 26, 2011at Pizza Hut Boulevard, Kuching

Set for one person - RM8.50

Meal for 1 person

• Xpress Pizza
• Chicken
• Garlic Breadstix
• 1 glass of Mountain Dew


Soup of the day - Chicken soup

I ordered Triple Chicken pizza which consists of:

Chicken salami, chicken load, onions and tomatoes, char-grilled chicken, mushrooms, with Thousand Island sauce. Ate it with chilli sauce.

Sounds delicious right?

Not to forget I ordered Mountain Dew drink. The bill came to RM9.85 including tax. Cheap.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Latest photos of Elly and Elsa on March 25, 2011 after dinner

Latest photos of Elly and Elsa taken on March 25, 2011 - Both of them sitting quietly as their photo is being snapped

Elsa licking Elly's the wound of Elly's ear

Super Dental Bone Toy for Elsa & Elly on March 25, 2011

Bowls for breakfast and two more toys for dental care

Super Dental Bone toy for Elsa and Elly. Super Dental is flexible, tough and yet is is tender for chewing. For teething growing up puppies like Elsa and Elly will sure love it.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

More new photos of Elsa and Elly on March 23 - 24, 2011

Nap time for Elsa. What a dull morning for her so she thought maybe she would just take a nap. Wonder where did Elly go at that time.

Waiting for food again on March 23, 2011 - "Stay calm and patient will you Elly and Elsa?" Dinner will be ready soon.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Two more new collars for Elsa and Elly on March 23, 2011 - A Training Collar for a Small Puppy - How to train a Puppy With a Collar and Leash

New collars for Elsa and Elly - Blue and purple. Elsa will be wearing purple and Elly blue. Heard that they have been very naughty today. They kept want to come in the house and explore. I told Eunice maybe they are just being boring and wants companion but according to her she said they are really very mischievious this evening. They are disobedient.

Wait till I get back then both Elsa and Elly will know if they can bully me. Haha!!

A Training Collar for a Small Puppy

Most people do not think of training collars when they see a puppy. However, if that small puppy is going to grow up to be a well-trained big dog, training collars are a must. In addition, even a small dog can pull, so teaching a puppy how to walk properly on a leash will add enjoyment to daily walks.


Buckle collars are great for holding identification information about a dog. In addition, the buckle collars are great for desensitizing a dog to wearing a collar. Collars are not natural, and for some small puppies the collar can be rather scary. Getting them used to a collar is an integral first step in training a puppy to walk on a leash and eventually off a leash.

Finding buckle collars small enough for a small puppy can be difficult. If the appropriate size dog collar cannot be found, consider using a cat collar. Another collar can be a piece of ribbon loosely tied around the puppy's neck. Be sure to check the collar frequently as puppies do grow quickly and what was loose yesterday may suddenly be too tight today.

Leash Training

Prong collars are often too large for small puppies, and choke chains should never be used on a dog. This typically leaves very small pinch collars and buckle collars for small puppies. The average puppy wants to please, so using a buckle collar with slight corrects is often enough for a small puppy. For the puppy of a large breed, a pinch collar may be necessary simply to check the strength of the dog. When using a prong collar it is important to realize that its purpose is to simply pinch the dog, not stab it. When correcting the dog, use two firm but not hard tugs of the leash. The this will cause the prongs to "pinch" together and reprimand the puppy.


Anti-pulling harnesses apply pressure around a puppy's chest and shoulders. Some also work to lift the dog off the ground when pulling. In most cases they do not work to actually correct the dog, but rather give the dog something to push against. The average harness is not an effective training tool when working with a small puppy, unless that puppy does not pull.


Collars to avoid include the choker collar and a shock collar. Choker collars are known for causing serious damage to a puppy's neck and spine. Shock collars can be extremely painful and cause permanent damage to a small puppy. Head harnesses should be avoided as well because they can cause spinal damage if the dog lunges at something.

How to Train a Puppy With a Collar & Leash

Training your puppy to walk on a leash requires patience, as many puppies are often initially resistant to wearing a collar and being attached to a leash. With time and practice, your puppy should be able to walk calmly on its lead whenever you are out in public. When training your puppy, it is important to remain consistent with your expectations, so your dog does not become confused about what behaviors are acceptable.


Place the collar on your puppy. Put your dog's collar on when you have time to play with it and distract it from the collar. Give your puppy time to adjust to the new sensation and only remove the collar when your puppy is not working to get it off. Put the collar on the puppy several times until it does not seem to mind wearing it.

Attach a short leash to your puppy's collar. After you puppy has become accustomed to wearing the collar, clip a leash to it. Allow your puppy to wander, supervised, around with the collar and leash so it gets used to the sensation. Distract your dog from chewing on the leash by feeding it or playing a game and remove the leash when your puppy seems uninterested in it.

Place the collar and leash on your puppy and teach it to come and follow you by calling its name and offering a small treat and praise when it comes to your voice or follows you as you walk away.

Pick up the end of the leash, keeping it slack. For your first interactions, avoid guiding your puppy but take turns following it and having it follow you while keeping the leash loose. Praise your puppy with treats and your voice as you practice.

Stop walking if your puppy pulls. If your puppy pulls on its leash, simply stop walking and wait for it to relax and release the tension on the leash. When it creates slack in the leash offer a small treat or praise and continue walking, repeating the process as necessary. Resist the urge to pull back on the leash against your dog.

Encourage your puppy forward. If your puppy lays down or refuses to move forward while you are walking it on a leash, place a treat several feet in front of it and praise it as it walks toward the treat.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Story of a puppy who looks like Elly

Story of a puppy who looks like Elly:

I miss Elly and Elsa so much although I have not seen them in real yet. Have to wait another two weeks before I can say hello to them. Will Elly and Elsa bark at me? They will think I am just a visitor and totally a stranger to them. As I was on the way home just now I got down from the car and took two pictures of a cute little puppy about Elly's age and the puppy may be older than both the naughty cheeky puppies at home. Forgot to see if it's a male of female. Could the puppy be Elsa and Elly's long distance cousin?

Story of Elsa

Elsa will be sent to the vet later to see what is happening to her ears and properly diagnose her problem. All this could be fungus, parasites or wrong usage of shampoo. From what i see from the picture of her yesterday, it sounds like fungal infection to me. Part of her ears' fur are falling off and the fur will go invisible if not treated well.

More photos of Elsa and Elly from March 14, 2011 - March 21, 2011 -

sunbathing on 14th march

17th march..elsa sleeping in a weird position again - head facing the wall..

18th march

18th March

sunbathing 20th march

20th march

21st march

21st march

21st march

Something is not right with Elsa's ear - She has ear infection on both her ears. Will take her to the vet later on March 22, 2011 - Hope Elsa will recover soon.

Till another post all about Puppy Ear Infections and how to treat them

Monday, March 21, 2011

Photo of Elly and Elsa waiting for dinner time on March 21, 2011

Elly and Elsa waiting patiently for their dinner. They are indeed hungry already. Look at the expression of their face.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sinetron yang saya ikuti - Sinetron Anugerah Episode 1 - 473 (Akhir) mulai 28 Maret 2011 di RCTI

Pemain sinetron Anugerah/Sinetron Anugerah dibintangi oleh:

Nabila Syakieb sebagai Nabila
Samuel Zylgwyn sebagai Fandy

Giovanni Tobing sebagai Bima - kakak tiri Fandy
Dwi Yan sebagai sugih - ayah Fandy
Annie Anwar sebagai Hera - ibu kandung Bima
Dini Aminarti sebagai Wulan - istri Bima
Femmy Permatasari sebagai Erlin - ibu kandung Wulan
El Manik sebagai Arif - ayah kandung Nabila
Cut Memey sebagai Lisa -ibu tiri Nabila
Ketrin Augustine sebagai Shania - saudara tiri Nabila
Dina Lorenza sebagai Endah - ibu kandung Rino
Kevin Andrean sebagai Rino
Sheila Marcia sebagai Mawar

Lagu Tema Pembukaan: Aku Tak Berdaya
Penyanyi: Indah Dewi Pertiwi

Lirik Lagu Indah Dewi Pertiwi – Aku Tidak Berdaya

Masa yang terindah
Kini semua telah berakhir
Karena kau berubah
Tak seperti dulu lagi

Sampai kapan kamu sering menyalahi hatiku
Tak pernah kau tahu begitu sakitnya aku
Kau anggap diriku
Melihatku dengan sebelah matamu

Delima untuk diriku
Mencintaimu mengerti kamu
Biarkanku bersalah di depan mukamu
Selalu kau membenarkan apa katamu
Cintamu membuatku sedih dan tak berdaya
Namunku terlanjur cinta

Kau anggap diriku
Melihatku dengan sebelah matamu
Delima untuk diriku
Mencintaimu mengerti kamu

Biarkanku bersalah di depan matamu
Selalu kau membenarkan apa katamu
Cintamu membuatku sedih dan tak berdaya
Namunku terlanjur cinta

Mulai 28 Maret, Setiap Hari pkl 20.15 WIB

Kisah perjalanan hidup NABILA (Nabila Syakieb), gadis cantik, lembut, tegas sangat menyayangi ayahnya yang tercatat sebagai mahasiswa terpintar dan terbaik di universitas dan berpotensi memiliki masa depan cerah, harus berada di posisi dilematis ketika Ayah yang sangat dicintainya, ARIF (El Manik), terkena gagal ginjal dan harus segera melakukan operasi.

NABILA benar-benar kehabisan cara untuk menolong ayahnya. Nabila meminta agar LISA (Cut Memey) ibu tiri nabila yang gila harta untuk mencari bantuan. Didepan Nabila, Lisa berpura-pura tidak mendapatkan pertolongan untuk Arif. Lisa malah memberikan sekotak perhiasan kepada SHANIA (Ketrin Agustine) saudara tiri nabila yang egois dan manja. Sampai akhirnya Nabila tanpa sengaja bertemu dengan ENDAH (Dina Lorenza), seorang wanita kaya raya dan baik hati ikhlas menolong Nabila karena memiliki kisah yang sama dengan Anaknya RINO (Kevin Andrean).

Tanpa sengaja Nabila bertemu dengan FANDY (Samuel Zylgwyn). Fandy adalah anak SUGIH (Dwi Yan) seorang pengusaha kaya raya yang sangat menyayangi kedua anaknya. Sugih meminta Fandy untuk berhenti melukis dan bekerja diperusahaannya, serta segera menikah seperti kakak tirinya, Bima. BIMA (Giovanni Tobing) yang sudah lama menikah terlebih dahulu dengan WULAN (Dini Aminarti) sangat menginginkan hadirnya buah hati. Apalagi HERA (Annie Anwar) ibu kandung Bima yang sangat membenci Fandy, tahu bahwa Fandy akan segera menikah dan mengenalkan Nabila sebagai calon istrinya. Hera takut kalau Fandy yang terlebih dahulu memiliki anak, sehingga Hera tidak ada kesempatan untuk memiliki harta Sugih. Oleh karena itu Hera meminta wulan untuk melakukan berbagai pengobatan dan meriksakan kandungannya. Namun Wulan tetap tidak bisa memiliki anak...

ERLIN (Femmy Permatasari) ibu kandung wulan tahu akan hal itu, membuatnya nekat untuk mencari jasa IBU PENGGANTI. Awalnya Wulan syok mendengarnya, namun demi cintanya yang dalam pada Bima, ia pun menyetujui semua itu.

Erlin berhasil menemukan MAWAR (Sheila Marcia) yang bersedia melakukan insiminasi, tentunya dengan bayaran yang sangat tinggi. Namun pada akhirnya, Nabila lah yg akan menjadi ibu pengganti untuk Wulan. Diam-diam, Erlin menyuruh Wulan pura-pura hamil. Seluruh keluarga jelas senang, namun ketika Bima tahu itu hanya pura-pura, Bima sangat kecewa. Terlebih lagi saat Wulan bilang kalau bayi mereka sedang dikandung oleh perempuan lain.

Bagaimanakah kisah selanjutnya? Dapatkah Nabila bersatu dengan Fandy? Apakah keluarga Sugih dapat menerima insiminasi Nabila dengan Bima?? Saksikan hanya di MEGA SINETRON: ANUGERAH, mulai 28 Maret 2011 Setiap Hari pkl 20.30 WIB hanya di RCTI.

Sila klik di sini untuk mengikuti kisah sinetron Anugerah mulai Episode 1 hingga 473 - Selesai

Sila klik di sini untuk mengikuti kisah sinetron Anugerah mulai Episode 1 pada 5 Disember 2012 yang disiarkan di TV9 setiap hari Isnin - Khamis jam 5.40 - 6.40 petang

Kredit kepada/sumber: (Special credits/source: sumber:
iamyiwern Channel

Two more new toys for Elly and Elsa on March 20, 2011

Toys for the Elles - Bought chewing toys for both Elsa and Elly but the toy did not last long. So have to buy new more lasting ones for them. Hope they will love the new toys

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nap time for the sisters on March 19, 2011 after shower - Elly and Elsa sleeping soundly

-The sisters favourite place to take nap - Will get a much bigger house for them soon when I get back.

It's been exactly two weeks since we adopted the sisters (Elsa and Elly) They were shy then but after a while we found out they were indeed very cheeky and naughty and they have the same hobby - biting anything they can find. Bought a toy for each of them on March 13, 2011 but just within a week they toys are like below:

The toys when it was newly bought - Before -

- After -

Will have to get them something new to chew again. Elsa now managed to climb on the cage on her four legs. Just moved the cage to a different position so that she won't have any chance to go over to the neighbour's compound and sneak out of the house from the gate there. Who knows she might have missed the field very much and wanted to play there again. She did not know that she will have to take a ride in a car if she wants to go back to the field where we found and adopted her two weeks ago.

Till another post.