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35 Episode Gōng (Palace – Lockheart Jade) - A very nice drama I've been waiting to watch

35 Episode Gōng (Palace – Lockheart Jade)

Jade Palace lock Heart 宫锁心玉 music video

Waiting for the dvd to be released. Heard that it will be release soon in two weeks time. Can't wait to watch.

Do click here to view Gōng (Palace – Lockheart Jade) from Episode 1 (with English subtitles)

Episode 1 synopsis/recap/summary:

The series opens with the emperor arriving and a young woman coming after him with a sword. He asks the girl, Shia Niang if she really intends to kill him, and she says that she must. He then asks about their promises and the two begin fighting (typical dramatic wire fighting which I am not a fan of as it looks to fake). The emperor succeeds in disarming the girl and tells her that she can live if she supports him, but must die if she stands in the way – even if she is the woman he loves. Someone shouts no and we see that this is not the past, but rather a film set.

Our protagonist Qing Chuan comes and begins scolding the actor playing Yong Zhen saying that the emperor is not as cold and vicious as he is being portrayed. The director then yells at them for interrupting the scene. The assistant director comes and tells the tourist group to leave and Qing Chuan says that they cannot portray the emperor like that as it is not historically accurate. The assistant director tells her to become rich and become the boss and then she can complain and demand changes. She is then ushered out with the rest of the group that was touring the palace.

Yang Mi x 2As she was leaving the palace complaining about how no one will watch such a crappy drama, a fog drifts in and someone says “you must go back.” Qing Chuan turns and sees a woman in historical garb and says that the entrance fee was expensive so she can’t go back. Qing Chuan then thinks the woman must be a cast member of the drama and takes out her camera to get a picture. The woman, who still has her back turned to her, says again “You must go back” and then adds in Qing Chuan’s name. This surprises Qing Chuan as she wants to know how the mysterious woman could no her name. She puts the camera away and approaches the woman. As she turns around, Qing Chuan is shocked as the woman has the same face! The woman tells her again to go back and we see the two worlds melding a bit.

Then a book drops on the floor an Qing Chuan wakes up in bed – it was just a dream! She hugs her pillow doll close to her happy that it was still a dream. Then in comes her mother who is upset to see her daughter still lazing in bed on such an important day. She tells Qing Chuan to quickly get ready and Qing Chuan asks if her mother really wants her to get engaged to Fei Fan. Her mother says of course and then quickly turns to look at her daughter and asks Qing Chuan if she plans on backing out of the engagement now. Her mother then reminds Qing Chuan that after Qing Chuan’s father died, Fei Fan was the only one who helped them run the antique shop. For many years others tried to steal him away, but Fei Fan stuck with the shop as he loved Qing Chuan. Qing Chuan says that she knows they are indebted to Fei Fan, but (while reading her history book) shouldn’t a person marry someone you have feelings for? Apparently not. Her mother asks what good are feelings (Oh, I don’t know, they can help a marriage be successful and last). When picking a husband, you need a kind, dependable, smart man. Her mom then urges Qing Chuan to hurry and get up and get dressed. Qing Chuan says she will once she finishes reading her book. Her mother grabs the book and asks how many times she will read it. She then threatens to burn it if Qing Chuan doesn’t get up, thus Qing Chuan reluctantly gets up.

Qing Chuan goes about her routine toilette without any real interest in it at all. She puts on her makeup, her pretty red dress, and does her hair. Her mom is happy at how pretty her daughter looks, but Qing Chuan looks as if she could care less. In fact, she pays more interest to her MP3 player than the time. Her mother quickly grabs her arm and they rush out so as not to be late.

Yan KuanWhen they arrive at the shop, Fei Fan immediately excuses himself and approaches Qing Chuan and her mother who apologizes for their tardiness. He tells them not to worry as the rest of the guests have not arrived yet (looks to be a grand opening and not an engagement party). Qing Chuan removes her ear pieces and then asks if Fei Fan really wants to marry. He says that he does and she points out that she has a lot of imperfections (no kidding, she kind of really annoyed me when she was in the modern age as she was disrespectful and disinterested in everything around her – maybe she is destined for the past as she is so obsessed with it and that is why she seems to fit better there). Fei Fan says that her imperfections are not a problem because he likes her imperfections and all. Qing Chuan puts her earpiece back in and ignores her mother when she says that she is lucky to have found Fan Fei to marry.

Then Fei Fan’s mother arrives and our disinterested heroine is dragged to meet her future mother-in-law. Qing Chuan makes a cursory greeting and then goes back to paying attention to her MP3 player even when Han Fei’s mother tries to reach out and bond by asking Qing Chuan to show her around. Qing Chuan says that she doesn’t no much about antiques either, but Qing Chuan’s mother insists and walks off with Fei Fan. Making their way around the shop, Fei Fan’s mother immediately begins listing all her faults (they are true, she is rude and disrespectful and her looks are average – she’s pretty, but not a knockout). Under normal circumstances I would find that just plain rude, but in the beginning I really didn’t care for Qing Chuan’s character. Instead of listening to Mrs. Lin’s tirade, Qing Chuan concentrates on the music. When she is scolded for it, she asks if Mrs. Lin wants to listen to the song. Mrs. Ling tells her to forget it and then says that once Qing Chuan marries her son Qing Chuan will have to change. Qing Chuan just continues to listen to her music and poke around the shop instead of paying Mrs. Lin any heed, which makes Mrs. Lin angrier.

Yang MiQing Chuan then notices a portrait on the wall and is drawn to it. At this moment Fei Fan begins the the event, which is the grand opening of the shop. Meanwhile, Qing Chuan keeps heading slowly towards the portrait while Fei Fan says there is another important announcement. He grabs Qing Chuan and brings her over and says that they are also announcing their engagement. Qing Chuan pays no attention to this and her mother yanks the earpiece out of her ear. When Fei Fan places the ring on her finger the portrait comes off the wall and is blown away. Qing Chuan immediately chases after it. When Fei Fan and her mother go to follow, the fallen waiters and then a chain curtain prevent them from moving. Qing Chuan runs and runs after the portrait, not heeding where she is or the fact that the sky is darkening and the wind is picking up. Finally the portrait comes to rest against a tree when Qing Chuan picks it up the dark sky emits a golden light and she is sucked into the ground leaving only the portrait behind.

Yang MiWe then cut to the past where a group of brightly dressed maidens dance on a stage. When the dance ends, a woman goes and says that she will announce the winner if no other woman in the audience protests and wishes to try her luck. No one says anything and the winner is announced as Su Yan (Tong Li Ya). While the crowd starts celebrating, down falls Qing Chuan from the sky surprising everyone. Qing Chuan looks around and wonders just where in the world she is. The MC then rushes over to Qing Chuan and says that a maiden has fallen from the heavens and she then asks Qing Chuan what talents she has. Qing Chuan is pulled to her feet and a song comes out from her MP3 player. Everyone apparently thinks she is singing despite the fact her mouth is not moving. Qing Chuan looks around in confusion wondering where she is and why people are dressed like that. There is no film crew – so what is going on? Qing Chuan then thinks that she may just have gong back through time. Thinking she has to go back and take care of her mother, she grabs a curtain and tries to get back up from where she fell. Everyone thinks she is doing a dance and she ends up winning the competition, annoying Su Yan. Qing Chuan then asks the MC just what year it is. The woman says that Qing Chuan is so overwhelmed by winning that she has even forgotten the year. She tells the audience to let Qing Chuan know the year and they all yell out that it is the 47th year of Kang Xi’s reign. Qing Chuan repeats this, dazed and then collapses. Yeah, that is a little overwhelming.

Mickey He, Tong Li YaNight falls and we see a lone man fishing. Su Yan comes and he asks if she lost. Yu San asks how he knows and the man replies that if she had won the contest, she wouldn’t have had time to come there to meet him. Yu San says that she almost won but a girl came out of nowhere. The man quickly shuts her up and tells her its not important. It’s his fault for thinking that with all her qualities she would be able to compete with the other girls. Ouch. He tells Yu San to rest early, but she does not leave. He then asks if there is anything else. Yu San approaches him and we learn that he is the 4th prince (referred to as 4th A Ge – truthfully too many freaking titles in this drama to remember them all – at least the princes are easy to remember because it is their birth order followed by A Ge) as she finally addresses him by title (not by name). She then says that if she had won she would have to go to the palace and risk her life – wouldn’t that make him sad? 4th A Ge (whose name is really Yin Zhen) asks Yu San to not asks such questions. He wouldn’t feel bad as he knows that she would have an even better future. Yu San doesn’t want a better future, but Yin Zhen cuts her off before she can say just what she wants. He tells her that just because he didn’t catch a fish that night, he won’t give up as he believes that one day he will be able to catch one (nice metaphor for whatever the two are plotting). Yin Zhen then tells her to do her work properly as the days are still long.

We then cut to a palanquin and inside is Qing Chuan who has been changed into clothes of the era. She wakes up and wonders what is going on. She peeks outside and says she must be dreaming. She pinches herself and keeps pinching her self and then she cries out because it hurts. So she isn’t dreaming after all! The MC pulls back the curtain from outside and asks if anything is wrong. Qing Chuan then asks where they are going, but the woman refuses to tell, just saying that it is a good place and that Qing Chuan will know when she gets there. Poor Qing Chuan fears that she is going to be sent to a brothel and tries to get out of the palanquin at all costs, but the woman outside won’t let her off.

They finally arrive and Qing Chuan is amazed at all of the historical and luxurious items in the room. It is announced that Tai Zi has arrived and the woman grabs Qing Chuan down and tells her to bow and greet the Tai Zi. Qing Chuan asks who and in walks a young man. Qing Chuan, remembering her history, recalls that this must be the second prince Yin Reng who is currently the crown prince (Tai Zi is that official title). She is surprised by how handsome he is as he wasn’t painted in the best light in the history books. The prince asks if she is the winner this time and the MC replies that she is. Although Qing Chuan’s looks might not be much, but she has a beautiful voice. The MC then asks if Yin Reng wants to hear. He sends off the MC and Qing Chuan grabs hold of the MC and asks where she is going. The MC then reveals that the beauty contest’s sole purpose was to find a woman to “take care of” the crown prince. This shocks Qing Chuan who doesn’t want to be there. The MC then leaves and shuts Qing Chuan in with the prince.

Yang Mi, Zhong Feng YanQing Chuan turns to face him and says that the MC got it wrong and that she will be leaving. However, she can’t get the door open and Yin Reng keeps approaching. Qing Chuan protests as Yin Reng touches her and goes to kiss her. He tells her that her fighting only makes him more eager (great – a pervert). Qing Chuan thinking quickly, manages to push him away and tells him to wait. He asks what tricks she is playing and Qing Chuan spits out that she is a “fairy” which he doesn’t believe. Qing Chuan, thinking back on her history, says that she predicts there will be a natural disaster at the Huang River soon so Yin Reng needs to leave and save his people. Yin Reng says that before the people are saved, she needs to think of a way to save herself. He then picks up Qing Chuan and puts her on the bed where she fights tooth and nail to be freed. It is then that a eunuch calls in saying that the emperor wishes to see Yin Reng. Tai Zi is immediately disturbed by this and frightened as to what his father could possibly want. Qing Chuan tries to think back on what was going on in the 47th year of Kang Xi’s rule. Qing Chuan then says that if she can find a way to save him, will he let her go. Yin Reng is reluctant, but he does listen to her.

Zong Feng YanThe emperor throws a scroll down at his son and asks if he has read the reports. Yin Reng replies that he hadn’t had the time and the emperor then asks if his son knew that there was a natural disaster at the Huang River and that many people have died. Yin Reng immediately says that he will investigate right away and Kang Xi scolds his son saying that by the time he is done, then even more people will be dead. Kang Xi then asks what his son as managed to do for the country as he doesn’t read the documents or know anything that is going on. Yin Reng then starts crying and this stops the emperor in his tracks. The emperor asks why his son is crying when he hadn’t even finished the scolding and Yin Reng asks for three days time and after that his father can do whatever. Kang Xi demands to know the reason and Yin Reng brings up that its exactly the 32nd anniversary of his mother’s death. These past few days he has been paying for his mom and there are still three days left to complete the ceremony. Clever trick as the emperor truly loved the late empress. This softens the emperor as it shows his son filial heart. Yin Reng then goes to take his leave, but Kang Xi tells him to wait. Yin Reng turns around and asks what and is relieved when his father only asks him to help him burn three incense for Yin Reng’s mother and to tell her that Kang Xi is well.

Yang Mi, Zong Feng YanQing Chuan is waiting in the room wondering if her plan worked. She then decides to take advantage of the prince’s absence and leave. She goes to climb out the window only to come face to face with Yin Reng. He asks what she is doing and she says that it was hot and she just needed air. Yin Reng promises to take her for some air in his garden and she says there is no need and climbs back in. When Yin Reng gets inside she asks if her advice worked. Yin Reng says that it did and that her river disaster happened as predicted as well. He then says that Kang Xi wanted to kill him, but since he remembered to cry for his mother – he was spared. Qing Chuan, talking to herself, says that of course she was right as Kang Xi would never have made a “grass bun” like Yin Reng heir if not for love of the empress. Yin Reng did not quite catch this and asks her what she means, but she quickly says it is nothing.

Qing Chuan then asks if he won’t do anything to her now. He says that he will. He sees her as his goddess of mercy and asks to fulfill whatever request she has. Qing Chuan asks to be let go and he says that is no problem, she just has to let him know where to find her again (defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?). Qing Chuan (twiddling her two index fingers which is customary when she is worried and thinking), realizes that she has no place to go. Thus she decides to stay with Yin Reng and utilize his power to help her find the place where she was sucked into the past. She asks for paper and ink and she quickly draws the woods where she fell into the past. Yin Reng quickly agrees to help her and immediately sets off to find the place for her. Along, Qing Chuan wonders when she will be able to go home again.

Mickey HeThe fourth prince Ying Zheng meets with the head eunuch of the palace to ask after the emperor’s health. The eunuch replies that it is rare for Yin Zheng to be so caring and replies that the emperor’s health is much better these last few days. Yin Zheng asks if there is any event that has made his father happy. If so, he would like to know so he can do his own filial duty. An Da (title for the head eunuch?) then spots the crown prince and tells Yin Zhen that he heard that the crown prince has been helping the emperor more and more and has even been praised for his governance ability (all thanks to the “fairy” Smile with tongue out). The unhappy (as he wants to inherit the throne) Yin Zheng then says that the crown prince doing such good acts is good for all the people. An Da tells Yin Zheng not to worry as the crown prince cannot compare to Yin Zheng (true). Yin Zeng replies that it doesn’t matter as the crown princes is from the first wife and that Yin Zeng is only the son of the second wife. No matter how hard he works, he will never be anything more than the emperor’s brother. Yin Zeng then warns An Da about being openly against the crown prince (by tattling to the emperor). An Da doesn’t plan on it as one never knows what the future holds. An Da then tells Yin Zeng that sand cannot hide a pearl’s shine and that he believes that the emperor will come to see Yin Zeng’s merits. Ying Zeng thanks him for his loyalty. So looks like Yin Zeng was plotting something against the crown prince when he an Yu San hatched their plot for the beauty contest.

Zong Feng YanAt Yin Reng’s residence, his wife is in awe of all the gifts the emperor has given his son for being such a help. Yin Reng says that even he cannot believe his good fortune. His wife realizes just how good a luck charm the fairy is. Fu Jin (title of the crown prince’s wife) then says he can easily become emperor with the fairy’s help. One of Yin Reng’s men approach and delivers the news that they are unable to find the woods that the fairy drew. This upsets Yin Reng because Qing Chuan has stayed with him because he promised to help her find it. Fu Jin approaches her husband with a plan – to make the fairy his second wife! Yin Reng doesn’t think this plan will work as the fairy is looking for a special place and when he finds it, she will leave. In China at that time, women were supposed to be devoted to three men: their husbands, sons and fathers. So, once the fairy became his wife, she would have to stick by him! Aiyo, what a plan. The most shocking part of this is the fact that Yin Reng’s wife actually proposed it first. Yin Reng asks if Fu Jin will be jealous and his wife said that her mother taught her that to become an empress a woman must know a single word “endure.” Plus, the emperor has many wives and consorts, so if Fu Jin was to be jealous of all of those girls, she would die of it. Yin Reng says that is very reasonable and their plot to bring the fairy into the royal family is started.

Zong Feng Yan, Yang MiAt this time Qing Chuan shows up and asks the prince how the task she set him is going. At this time Fu Jin then says that they have good news. What is the news? Why, that Tai Zi wants to marry Qing Chuan. Surprised, Qing Chuan goes to meet them and Fu Jin asks if she is not happy. Qing Chuan says that of course she is happy, but then asks in the same breath who’s stupid idea was the marriage proposal. Fu Jin points to Yin Reng who points to his wife. So much for standing by your spouse. Qing Chuan then goes up to the prince and asks if he really wants to marry her. Yin Reng says that he does and Qing Chuan then says that she will never be a second wife. If the Tai Zi really wants to marry her, then he has to divorce Fu Jin first. Qing Chuan then goes off and the nervous Fu Jin tries to back track. Yin Reng looks at his wife and tells him that he has to keep the fairy beside him forever – thus his first wife is getting the axe! Who knew that there was divorce in the Qing dynasty era? Yin Reng apologizes and immediately runs off after Qing Chuan calling her his “new wife” while his old wife throws a fit.

Back in the prince’s quarters, Qing Chuang looks at the picture of herself and her mother on her MP3 player and wonders when she will ever make it back home. A maid comes in and Qing Chuan asks what the ruckus is outside. The made replies that a wedding banquet is being prepared for her. This shocks Qing Chuan who never thought the crown prince would actually take her proposal seriously. She tells the maid that is impossible as she said she will only be the first wife. The maid then tells her that Fu Jin is decreed the second wife so that Qing Chuan will be the first wife. The maid then leaves the horrified Qing Chuan. She thinks to herself that she now knows why the crown prince didn’t come to a good end in history. Her only option now is fleeing. She quickly gathers up provisions and goes to steal away from the palace.

Yang Mi, Tong Li YaAs she sneaks out, she hides quickly from a troop of dancers brought in to celebrate the prince’s impending nuptials. Qing Chuan recognizes Yu San from the beauty pageant. While walking, Yu San drops a packet and quickly kicks it away in hopes that no one notices. When Qing Chuan investigates, she smells gun powder. Just as she is about to go and investigate further, Fu Jin and other court ladies come and they ask her how Yin Reng could suddenly demote her after treating her so well for so long. Another lady then replies that men only care about the new and not the old and after a while every flower loses their bloom. Fu Jin tells them to shut up and then spies Qing Chuan who is forced to leave her hiding place. Fu Jin then introduces her to the other ladies and then pushes her into a nearby pond. The court ladies all laugh and abandon Qing Chuan, who apparently cannot swim.

Feng Shao Feng, Yang MiQing Chuan calls for help and a man passing by hears her and immediately jumps in after her and saves her. Once they are safely back on solid ground, the man smells himself and it not pleased. He demands to know who Qing Chuan is and how she could manage to fall into a pond with such a big yard. Maids then pass by and calls him 8th A Ge (Ba A Ge – meaning he is the emperor’s eighth son – he has at least 18 of them). Hearing his title, Qing Chuan looks at him closely and realizes that he is the prince who fights over the throne with Yong Zheng. She is surprised at how young he appears. She grabs him and looks at him closely and he shakes her off. He then tells her that if he had known that she was to be his brother’s second wife, he would have left her to die. Qing Chuan stops him and asks why and he tells her its because a materialistic person such as her self has no reason to live. Ouch. Qing Chuan stops him and asks how she is materialistic. Yin Si then asks why she got close to his brother, why Tai Zi thinks she is a fairy, and why she demanded to be the first wife. Qing Chuan says nothing and the prince takes her silence as agreement and goes to leave. Qing Chuan grabs his arm slaps him hard across the face, shocking Yin Si. And that is where the episode ends. Does the girl have a death wish to insult a prince like that?

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Episode 2 synopsis/recap/summary:

We pick up where we left off in episode one – with Qing Chuan slapping Yin Si. You have to love the shocked and angry look on our young prince’s face. Qing Chuan says that she struck quick and fast and didn’t warn him so he had no chance of avoiding it. There are a lot of things like that in life. She then tells him that she does not want to marry Tai Zi and that he has gone ahead anyways with the wedding preparations. She then asks the prince what a weak girl like her can do. The eighth prince then picks her up and throws her over a shoulder and the two taking off galloping out of the palace.

Yang Mi, Feng Shao FengThey stop in a forest and the worried Qing Chuan demands to be let down. Yin Si puts her down and hops off the horse and tells her that if she doesn’t wish to marry his brother, then she should run now if she has the guts. Qing Chuan doesn’t need to be told twice and goes to run off to freedom, but then she remembers the gunpowder she found. Her conscience won’t let her run off and put innocent people in danger. Qing Chuan turns around and demands to be taken back to the palace. Yin Si laughs and calls her materialistic. Qing Chuan says that no matter how he sees her, he has to bring her back. Yin Si says that she is without shame and when Qing Chuan goes to hit him this time, he is ready and blocks her hand. He taps her closed fist with his finger and tells her to stop resorting to violence. Plus, he can only take so much and even if he doesn’t like to hit women, he has a limit. Qing Chuan begs him to take her back or else innocent people will die. Yin Si says the typical “fool me once, fool me twice” saying and asks if Qing Chuan takes him for a fool. Yin Si then tells her to get back on her own and gets back on his horse and abandoning her to fend for herself. Qing Chuan runs after him shouting that people will die, but he ignores her.

Tong Li YaBack at the palace, the dancers are practicing for the wedding banquet. Su Yan is trying to figure out how to plant the powder in order to kill the crown prince in his nuptial chamber when the man in charge and the 18th prince show up. The 18th prince (who is probably the baby of the family and somewhere around the tween age) is bored and asks the dancers to perform the Havoc of Heaven dance. He is told that it is inauspicious for them to perform such a thing before the wedding. Su Yan then breaks out of the troop and begins performing a martial arts-like dance. This delights and entertains the little prince who is then left in the care of Yu San and the dancers while the attendant goes off to finish banquet preparations. The 18th prince calls Su Yan over to teach him the moves and Su Yan says he cannot learn them and asks him to play hide and seek. While the prince has his eyes covered, she quickly runs to the wedding chamber and plants the gunpowder. She is caught by an attendant and she tells him that she is only playing hide and seek. Then in rushes the 18th prince which allows Su Yan to escape without punishment. The prince then kicks the attendant out and hides under a bench in order to tease the bride and groom later. This definitely doesn’t bode well.

Meanwhile, the crown prince is upset to learn that the fairy has disappeared. Yin Reng demands to know where she went but the maids have no idea. When they went to help her change into the wedding garments, she was gone and they were no longer keeping an eye on her because the prince told them not to. The attendant then learns that the 8th prince was seen carrying a woman who looked like the fairy out. Yin Reng is upset that Yin Si is trying to take the fairy from him and calls out to his men to gather and go with him in order to find the fairy.

Gong 2 screen capNight falls and the banquet is under way. The palace guests wonder why the prince and bride have not arrived and they are told that they are in the wedding chamber and will be out shortly. Hearing this, Su Yan sets off fireworks on stage and the sparks set fire to the nuptial room. The palace guards quickly rush to put out the fire, but our little prince is trapped inside the flaming room.

Zong Feng Yan, Mickey HeThe emperor is furious with Yin Reng and kicks his son demanding to know just what happened. Yin Zeng is there as well, trying to help Yin Reng. Kang Xi asks why 18th prince was in the crown prince’s room and all Yin Reng can say was that all he wished to do was marry a concubine. This upsets the emperor because his permission wasn’t asked and Yin Reng had even planned on divorcing his current wife. Kang Xi then asks if Yin Reng wants the punishment of lying to an emperor. Kang Xi laughs and then scolds his son for ignoring the royal rules. Kang Xi then takes down his sword and tells his heir to prepare to die. Yin Zeng (I am not sure if it is all a purely calculative motive or if he genuinely wanted to save his brother and rival) intervenes and begs his father not to kill Yin Reng in haste. The emperor warns Yin Zeng that the same fate may befall him if he insists on protecting Yin Reng. Yin Zeng says that since they are brothers, he must protect him and the emperor then brings up brotherly love and if Yin Reng had any towards the brother who lies dying from the fire. Yin Zeng says that the 18th prince might still live, but then comes news that the 18th prince did not make it. After hearing this, Kang Xi tells Eunuch Li to issue a decree to depose Tai Zi and throw him in prison. Yin Reng cries and begs for mercy, but his father will not listen.

Qing Chuan finally arrives back at the palace gates cursing about the cruelty of the 8th prince. She overhears about the fire and the 18th prince’s death. She is sad that she is too late. When she sees the crown prince and his wife being escorted by armed guards, she quickly goes and hides to keep from being implicated.

Tong Li Ya, Mickey HeA sorry Su Yan is at the river crying and throwing paper money into the water in honor of the 18th prince’s death. Yin Zeng comes and holds an umbrella over her. She tells him how she wished she had never done that as the 18th prince was still adorable, cute and innocent and did not deserve such a fate. Yin Zeng tries to comfort her by telling her that it must have been heaven’s will for the little prince to be there and to suffer such a fate. Whatever you need to tell yourself I suppose. While I understand what he means, it still seems really heartless. Yu San then gets up and tells Yin Zeng to blame her. Yin Zeng hugs her and says that he is the one to blame for instigating her. Su Yan says they should both go to hell for what they’ve done.

Mickey HeYin Zeng says no, to repent for what they’ve done, they must continue going forward, live well, and provide a good life for the commoners. Su Yan asks what is the real him and he says that in her heart is the real him. He also tells Su Yan that in order to see the real him, her road will be a difficult one. Su Yan says she fears that she cannot continue, but Yin Zeng tells her that she must as there is no turning back now. Ying Zeng then tells her that if she cannot continue, then his fate will be the same as his 18th brother’s. Nothing like laying an even heavier guilt trip on the woman who loves you. Yin Zeng then says that it’s better for 18th prince to have died as being born as a prince from a commoner mother and not royalty is a sad fate. There is no one to love them or care for them and they are always in danger. It is better to seek reincarnation and be born into a different family and live a better, happier life. Yin Zeng says that he is just like his little brother, but he wishes to change his fate. He then drops the umbrella and throws out the rest of the paper money calling out his brother’s name.

Yang Mi, Wang Jia LinOur heroine wanders alone and hungry in the capital. She smells buns and gravitates towards them. The shop owner asks if she wants a bun, but when she says she has no money he quickly tells her to leave. She asks to work for food, but he refuses saying that selling those he would not even have enough money for himself. Then a kind young man stops and gives her food. Qing Chuan quickly begins eating and the man asks if she isn’t afraid he’s a bad man. Qing Chuan shakes her head no and continues shoving food in her face. The man gives her the rest of his food saying he was on a business trip and had rations to spare upon his return and leaves. Qing Chuan chases after him and asks for a job. She makes up a story about being all alone and how she came to find her relatives who are not there. The kindhearted young man then agrees to take her on.

Yang MiThe two arrive at his shop and he introduces her to his mother. He tells her the story that Qing Chuan told him and says he wishes to take her on. His mother then asks him if he sold the clothes in Cheng De. At his silence, she then remarks how their store isn’t doing well and he still wants to help others? With the way business is going, they won’t be able to afford food for themselves, let alone an extra mouth. Qing Chuan says the clothes are very beautiful so how can Xiao Chun (Wang Jia Lin) not be able to sell them. His mother says that instead of doing the ready-made clothes, Xiao Chun wanted to produce his own designs which weren’t met with good results. Xiao Chun tells his mother that they simply cannot sell the same old fashioned clothes as wearing the same thing every day would be boring. His mother then tells Qing Chuan to find work elsewhere so she doesn’t end up in a poor state like they already are. Qing Chuan tells them not to worry and that she will work there and help them make big money.

Yang MiQing Chuan then hires models and puts on a fashion show drawing in a large crowd. Mrs. Gu is shocked by this and wonders if they can actually do what Qing Chuan is doing. Xiao Chun says that they can and immediately people start buying. A wealthy woman sees the crowd and stops and looks over the shop. Qing Chuan sees her and goes over trying to make a big sale. The woman then comments that if no one is looking, then what is the point of buying. Qing Chuan thinks to herself that is not the purpose of clothes, but then remembers in that ear, women’s husbands were the most important thing. Qing Chuan then says that the clothes will definitely help capture the woman’s husband’s gaze. The woman then replies again that if her husband doesn’t even bother to look at her, how would he notice the clothes? Knowing that she must be an unloved wife, Qing Chuan tells her that she must think of a plan and not lament in her own misfortune. This intrigues the woman and Qing Chuan then tells her that the Gu store was unpopular and broke until she came and now makes a lot of money. The woman smiles and says if there was someone as smart as Qing chuan by her side, then that would be great. She then leaves without making a purchase.

Ken Tong, Guo Ming XiangAt the palace, the emperor wakes and is surprised to see no one around. When he leaves his chamber he sees a eunuch recording all of his movements. The emperor then asks him who told him to do this. The eunuch says that it was himself. Eunuch Li, seeing this quickly goes and bows before the emperor. Kang Xi asks if it was Li who was behind this and Li says that Xiao Shun’zi (his god son) has a bad memory and cannot remember the emperor’s preferences. Li then told his god son to use his head to think of a way to better serve him and this apparently was the stupid method he came up with. The emperor then lets the two go, but you can tell he is still suspicious of why his movements were recorded. Li takes his god son to be beaten as punishment and when the beating is over and the guards have left, Li then scolds his god son for getting caught doing something like that. Shun’zi asks if he should keep recording and Li tells him to be careful as no one knows who is listening in the palace. Li then tells him to use his head and be more careful about his duties. So why is Li having the emperor spied on? Oy. Palace politics are so confusing.

Mickey HeYin Zeng heads into the palace and runs into Eunuch Li who asks him why he is there so early. Yin Zeng says he heard his father was coughing a lot recently so he came with herbs. Li then says that the palace physicians have the cough almost cured. This surprises Yin Zeng and Li tells him everything that happened that morning and how it caused the emperor to be in bad health so that the physicians had to come and have helped the emperor so that his cough is almost cured. The eunuch then warns Yin Zeng that they cannot be seen together too much as it could reflect badly after the events of the morning. Li then says he has to go to internal affairs to talk about the hiring of new maids. Yin Zeng is pleased to hear that the palace is hiring. We can guess why.

Tong Li Ya, Mickey HeThat night Su Yan goes to meet Yin Zeng and the woods are lighted with Chinese lanterns and there comes Yin Zeng playing a flute. He then asks if she knows what day it is. Su Yan asks and Yin Zeng replies that it is her birthday. It pleases Yin Zeng that he has remembered. They have known each other for three years now and have only met a handful of times. Yin Zeng asks if she wishes to see him more often (dumb question). Su Yan asks if it is possible. Yin Zeng tells her that the palace is recruiting maids and that he will create a Manchurian status for her and get her tutors so that she is properly schooled. His hopes is that she will get chosen to serve the emperor personally in order to help him along. Yin Zeng asks if Su Yan really wishes to do that. Su Yan says she doesn’t have a choice and Yin Zeng tells her that she can always refuse him. Su Yan then says that he can lie to her and say that she can stay by the emperor’s side to help Yin Zeng become the crown prince and the two can bet together. Yin Zeng says that he cannot lie to anyone and he hopes that in the future she will have happiness. Yin Zeng goes to leave and Su Yan calls out that she will go, not for his sake, but for her own. She then looks at the lanterns and cries. Why does she love him when it seems he is colder than kind.

Yang Mi, Wang Jia LinIt is morning and Qing Chuan is hard at work. She is putting out mannequins in front of the store to help attract customers. When Xiao Chun asks what she is doing, she says that if they don’t display their merchandise outside, then how will anyone know that it is a clothing store? Good point, it’s not like there were windows in which to display things in like today. Xiao Chun says he understand that, but doesn’t think that Qing Chuan should be doing all these “hard” chores. Qing Chuan says that she is the employee and that he is the boss, so as his employee she must do the work to earn her keep. Xiao Chun then mutters that he has never treated her as an employee. Their conversation is then interrupted by the parade of women going into palace for the maid recruitment. Qing Chuan thinks that means they will be the emperor’s women, but Xiao Chun explains that they will be servants and not ladies-in-waiting. Qing Chuan is impressed that the clothes for maids are so pretty and then comments on how she wishes she could meet her idol Yong Zhen. Of course, Xiao Chun doesn’t understand the terminology, nor does he know who Yong Zhen is.

Tong Li YaDuring the maid tests, Su Yan does admirably well, much to the other girls’ disgust. Two maids then decide to make things difficult by distracting Su Yan and putting something untasty in her dish. As Eunuch Li goes to the palace maids to prepare the last test and assignments, Shin’zi runs up and hands him a slip of paper with Su Yan’s name on it. He then enters the testing room where he asks after Su Yan. The attendant says that Su Yan excels in everything and the two troublemaking maids declare it isn’t fair and that the cooking should be tasted before they say she is the best. Li tastes the cooking and says that it needs work and hands out the palace assignments. Su Yan wonders how things could have turned out like that and tastes the dish, wondering what happened while the culprits giggle. Sheesh.

Yang Mi, Wang Jia LinBack in the city, Xiao Chun is working on a pretty new design. His mother comes and asks to display it, but Xiao Chun says that it is special and that he won’t sell it. Mrs. Gu realizes that her son must have a wife in mind and asks which family the girl is from. Xiao Chun then looks out the window and there is Qing Chuan. His mother, realizing that he likes Qing Chuan declares that she will talk to Qing Chuan and work out the marriage details. Wow, her second proposal! Mrs. Gu pulls her asisde and Qing Chuan cannot believe that she is being asked to marry Xiao Chun. Qing Chuan says that she will have to return home sooner or later and that she really can’t marry him. Xiao Chun overhears this, drops the gown he made for her and runs off. Qing Chuan runs after him.

Yang Mi, Wang Jia LinWhen she catches up to Xiao Chun he says that he knows it’s a one-sided love and that he is not worthy of her. Qing Chuan says that is not the case at all. In fact, she probably isn’t worthy of him. Qing Chuan then explains that feelings are needed for marriage and the feelings she has towards him are that of familial love – not romantic. Xiao Chun then says that it is the parents who decide the marriage and they should be heeded and Qing Chuan says it may be like that here, but not where she is from. Xiao Chun says he can follow her rules, to which she quickly replies that he cannot. Qing Chuan doesn’t know how to explain why they can’t and then changes tactics saying that she can never love him as more than a brother. Xiao Chun says nothing and turns away. Qing Chuan asks if he is okay and he says he is and leaves. He turns around and says he won’t give up and will make her love him someday. Qing Chuan wonders why he doesn’t understand. She turns to follow him back to the store when she is attacked from behind.

Sonija Kwok, Yang MiWhen Qing Chuan wakes up she is in a luxurious room and wearing a maid’s outfit. She notices the rich woman from earlier and asks where she is and who she is. In walks a maid who scolds Qing Chuan for being so rude to the imperial concubine Xi and then she forces Qing Chuan to kneel. Qing Chuan is shocked to discover that Xi is a concubine. Xi then tells Qing Chuan that she returned home for the day to meet her brother who was victorious in battle the day she met Qing Chuan. It then took Xi an awful lot of work to find a way to get Qing Chuan into the palace. Qing Chuan asks why she went to the trouble to bring her there. Xi replies that she recalled what Qing Chuan said about tricks to getting the emperor to notice her. Qing Chuan is then told she must come up with a plan for Xi to gain the emperor’s attention at his brithday parthy coming up. Qing Chuan asks what happens if she can’t think of anything and Xi just says MoMo’s name and MoMo immediately threatens Qing Chuan with death if she can’t. Qing Chuan quickly says that she will help so please let her live. Xi then says that if they are successful, Qing Chuan will live a good life, if not, Qing Chuan will be miserable. Xi then leaves and tells MoMo that she knows what to do. Looks like Qing Chuan’s got her work cut out for her!

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Episode 3 synopsis/recap/summary:

MoMo takes Qing Chuan to her quarters and explains about her duties (which consist of nothing except for thinking of a plan to get the emperor to notice Concubine Xi. As the come to the maid quarters, they see the other maids bullying another one. They call her many vile things and even through food at her. Qing Chuan immediately runs to the woman’s rescue only to be told that the maid offended the 8th prince by trying to seduce him so the maids were trying to chase her out lest the 8th prince sends the poor woman to the Hard Labor Bureau. The other maids then demand to know who Qing Chuan is and MoMo introduces her as a new maid who was held up because Concubine Xi was talking to her. The maids then complain that the maid quarters are already too full.

When Qing Chuan keeps concerning herself with the black sheep maid, the other maids scold her for her concern and say they are in for a good show. MoMo then scolds Qing Chuan for not listening to her explanation of palace rules. Your own survival comes before anyone else’s. MoMo then tells the fallen maid to quickly leave. The maid goes off and Qing Chuan is hit with the reality of how cruel a place the palace can be. One maid hands her a broom and tells her to get to work, but MoMo says that Qing Chuan is special and does not need to participate in the chores with the other maids. MoMo then takes Qing Chuan to her room (she gets one all to herself – another reason for the other maids of Concubine Xi’s palace to hate her) and warns her to come up with a good plan for Xi. MoMo says if Qing Chuan needs any help, the tell her and she will get the other maids to help.

That night, two of the new maids complain about how they have to serve Qing Chuan who has an unknown background and is just a maid like them. They gossip about how Qing Chuan lays in bed staring into air versus working. At that moment, Qing Chuan comes out lost in thought, trying to figure out a way to capture the Emperor’s attention. The maids then begin making snide remarks about her and one even sweeps Qing Chuan into the wall for getting in the way of their cleaning duties. A light bulb goes off in Qing Chuan’s head and she comes close to the maids who fear that she will retaliate against them. Instead, Qing Chuan thanks them for making her slip as it made her think of a good idea. She then asks the two to help her find some carpenters.

The next day the maids gather outside Qing Chuan’s room trying to figure out what is going on. When the door opens, sawdust and shavings fly out and the maids step back. Two maids come out with piles of shavings and one maid stops them and asks what is going on. The maid replies that it is something she has never seen nor heard of before. This intrigues the maids even more and they gather once more at the door and try to peek inside to see just what this strange thing is that is being built. MoMo then comes out covered in sawdust and shavings herself. Just what has Qing Chuan got up her sleeve?

The day of the emperor’s party dawns and the concubines all wonder why his majesty is late. Consort De says that the dynasty is peaceful, but if anything important comes up, the emperor will be sure to take care of it. The younger women praise Consort De for her patience and thoughtfulness – no wonder she takes care of the inner palace in place of the late empress (who died shortly after the crown prince was born). De says it is because she is old and experienced and an eye sore, so that is why she has such a job. The other concubines are young and beautiful and deserve the emperor’s attentions. Then the princes that are actually staying in the palace show up and Yin Zhen asks his mother (Consort De) if their father was present and she sends her personal maid Fei Cu to look into the emperor’s tardiness.

And why is the emperor late? Kang Xi is being held up by matters of state. His officials have put together a petition demanding that since the Tai Zi has been deposed, then a new one should be named to keep the empire and its people peaceful and reassured. Kang Xi asks their opinion on who the crown prince should be and when he is met with silence, he says that since they don’t even know then they should put the matter aside until later and dismisses the court. One official steps up and demands that the emperor take the matter seriously. Kang Xi stops and says it is exactly because he takes the matter seriously that he doesn’t want to be hasty – that is how Yin Reng became the crown prince and look how disastrous that turned out. The emperor says he will seriously consider all of his options carefully before choosing among his remaining sons. Again the official urges Kang Xi to hurry and decide to keep the peace as they don’t want the mistakes of past feuds for the thrones to disturb the peaceful empire. Kang Xi says that since he is still alive – which son would dare fight for the throne. He puts the issue to rest once more and leaves.

Fei Cui returns and tells Consort De why the emperor was waylaid. At that moment the emperor then arrives for his birthday celebration. Everyone goes inside and the festivities begin. While the dancers are dancing, Consort De asks the emperor to pardon the Tai Zi (thus the heir problem would be resolved, plus Yin Reng is the son of the late empress). Not wanting to hear anymore, Kang Xi threatens De with imprisonment if she continues speaking up for Yin Reng. De sits down, but the matter is far from over. The celebration then continues when a woman on rollerblades comes zooming in, catching everyone’s attention. She performs a dance which catches the emperor’s eye. So this is what Qing chuan cooked up. The woman then removes her mask and it is Concubine Xi! Not a surprise. Of course, the emperor then spends the night with Xi. Looks like she got what she wanted.

The next morning after the emperor leaves, Xi wakes up and asks if anyone is still around. A eunuch approaches (I wonder if he really is eunuch?) and offers to help her wash up. This shocks Xi and we get a flashback when Xi was just plain ol’ Rou’er and that man was her first love. He failed the imperial exams and was complaining about the unfairness. She gives him money and lets him know that she will go to the palace and become a lady-in-waiting to help her family and to help advance his career (by giving him money). He says that he doesn’t want money, but her. She tells him to become a government official and marry a good woman and have lots of kids to prove that she is not wrong about him. She then runs off. End of flashback.

Xi is not happy to see her former love working in the palace. He tells her not to be sad for him as his greates wish is to be near her. Xi scoffs at this and says that she is not sad for him, nor does he move her at all. He is a servant beneath her notice. As it stands, he isn’t even better than a common man on the street, let alone the emperor. She gives him a kick and sends him sprawling, telling him to leave. Xi then gets up and tells him that next time he sees her he best make a detour because Xi doesn’t want to see him ever again. He says nothing, but cries and crawls out of the room. Later, her tears bely the cold words she said to her ex-lover. Her maids come and ask why she is crying. Xi says she is not as she is enjoying being the emperor’s favorite. She then tells them to get her sedan ready. Why? She is going to parade herself and let the palace know she is the emperor’s current woman.

The fourth prince and Eunuch Li watch Xi go by and Yin Zhen comments on Xi’s current popularity. Li says that is right. Ever since she did that special dance on Kang Xi’s birthday, she has been the one chosen to sleep with the emperor. People in the palace are going out of their way to shower her with gifts (to gain her favor and the emperor’s). Yin Zhen says he must be the only one who didn’t send her anything. Li asks him if he wants to follow the current flow. Yin Zhen won’t as Xi, who has no sons or children at all with the emperor, would want a prince whose mother is not around in order to protect her later. Since Yin Zhen’s mother is alive and well, Xi will not want to help him. Li tells Yin Zhen that his mother is still well loved by the emperor, too. Yin Zhen then says that it is a pity that De only loves his little brother (the 14th prince). Yin Zhen then says that Li is the only one he can count on. This flatters Li who tells him that he will gladly help the 4th prince, but he has still not earned back Kang Xi’s trust completely since the Shun’zi incident. That is why Li has the time to meet and talk with Yin Zhen.

Yin Zhen then asks about Su Yan. Li said at the time he couldn’t single Su Yan out, but later he found her and discussed with her all the emperor’s habits and likes. This way she will be well prepared to earn his favoritism. So later he will have her serve him and won’t suspect her of being a spy at all. Yin Zhen smiles happily at this news and tells Li that he has done well.

Back at Xi’s palace, Xi thanks Qing Chuan for her help and says that Xi will grant her a wish. Qing Chuan, thinking that a concubine might have more power than the crown prince, paints another picture of the woods and asks for Xi’s help. This surprises Xi that Qing Chuan doesn’t want any reward other than help finding that place. Xi says that as long as Qing Chuan helps and pleases her, she will give her any reward she wants. Xi then asks what those special shoes were. Qing Chuan replies that they are skates. Xi says that the majesty is growing tired of the skates – does Qing Chuan have any new ideas? Qing Chuan then says that Xi shouldn’t keep coming up with new tricks, but should instead try to make herself part of the emperor’s routine (if she’s a habit, then he will keep coming back). Xi likes the sound of this and asks how it can be done. Qing Chuan can’t remember her history on this matter and just decides to say anything that comes to mind. She tells Xi that Xi must know the emperor’s favorite food and favorite place so Xi should take that food and go to that place. Once she’s done that, they can discuss more later. Xi recalls how the emperor loves the imperial gardens and quickly asks MoMo to go there with her in hopes of running into Kang Xi. Of course, this means Xi has ignored Qing Chuan’s drawing and plea for help.

Su Yan is in the imperial garden. She has prepared a fruit platter for the emperor and worries about what to do when she sees the emperor. She practices a greeting when Xi stops by. Xi notices the fruit and Su Yan’s beauty. Xi asks Su Yan if she wishes to see the emperor all that much. Su Yan apologizes and Xi tells her that if she wishes to see the emperor, then Su Yan should come to Xi’s palace. Su Yan doesn’t want to, but has no choice. She follows Xi with the platter. Once there, Xi pretties her up and says that Su Yan is prettier than herself. Xi then mentions Concubine Yi – a favorite of of the emperor’s. When Xi came, the emperor fell in love with Xi’s singing and Yi fell out of favor. Xi will not allow Su Yan to have a chance to do the same thing. Su Yan is then tied up and gagged and thrown in the closet. The door is left cracked open for Su Yan to see. When the emperor arrives, Xi claims she prepared the fruit platter and sends her maids away while Xi feeds the emperor fruit.

After the emperor leaves, Xi ungags Su Yan and asks if she is happy to have seen the emperor. Xi then tells Su Yan that she had better not try such a thing again or Xi won’t let her off. Xi then calls for brush and ink and draws two black xs on her face and tells her to run around Xi’s palace 10 times. MoMo is sent to watch over her, but when 8th, 9th, and 10th princes come, MoMo runs away as she doesn’t want to deal with the three troublemakers. Su Yan accidentally bumps into the 8th prince and immediately the three brothers start bullying her and threatening to take her to the Hard Labor Bureau. Su Yan apologizes, but Yin Si is having none of it. Qing Chuan sees this and wants to rush over to help, but also doesn’t want to run into the 8th prince. In the end, she can’t stand to watch the bullying continue and charges into the fray.

Qing Chuan scolds the three princes for bullying a lone woman. She tells Yin Si that if the maid has done wrong, then the Internal Affairs department should be told and should handle the matter. Yin Si recognizes Qing Chuan and compliments her on becoming a maid after not being able to become Yin Reng’s wife. 9th and 10th princes asks Yin Si if that is the vain woman he mentioned earlier. They then accuse Qing Chuan of standing out to capture their attention. If she truly did that, then she made a mistake because if you displease those three, they make your life a living hell. Qing Chuan ignores the princes and grabs Su Yan’s hand to leave, but they won’t let the girls go. The younger two say that since Qing Chuan brought up palace rules – is she following them? They are princes, the girls are just maids. The two brothers then go to drag the girls off to the Hard Labor Bureau, but Qing Chuan will not go. She doesn’t care if they are princes – they were just born lucky. If the princes were born in the same situation as the two girls, would they be any better? Needless to say this shocks 9th & 10th princes.

Qing Chuan then turns on Yin Si and tells him to stop accusing people of being materialistic. Not everyone cares about his money and status. Qing Chuan then goes back to Su Yan and faces the other two princes, telling them that they should all go to the Inner Affair Bureau to have the matter settled. No, they should go before the emperor as the princes do not have the right to take the law into their own hands. Yin Si comes up with a smile and taps Qing Chuan on the shoulder. When she turns, he asks if she knows what will happen if she crosses him and his two younger brothers. Qing Chuan asks who cares – surprising Yin Si. She then says that she just doesn’t want to see them bullying a poor defenseless girl. Yin Si tells Qing Chuan that he and is brothers will make her life even worse than if she had been sent for hard labor. He warns her that she will soon learn that the choice she made today was a foolish one. Yin Si then calls for his brothers and the three leave (I love this annoying, childish trio!).

After they leave, Su Yan apologizes as Qing Chuan offended the princes for her sake. Qing Chuan nonchalantly tosses the matter aside saying that they will cross that bridge when the come to it (that bridge referring to the princes’ bullying). Su Yan thanks her and then runs off. Qing Chuan goes after her and finds her cleaning off her face. Qing Chuan recognizes her and is surprised. Su Yan says that they have seen each other once before and Qing Chuan corrects her, saying it is twice now. Qing Chuan then lets Su Yan know that Qing Chuan knows Su Yan is responsible for the fire at the crown prince’s palace as she saw the gunpowder fall from Su Yan’s sleeve. This surprises Su Yan. Qing Chuan asks why Su Yan did that as didn’t Su Yan know that innocents could die. Su Yan replies that her family died at the crown prince’s hand so she wanted to win the beauty competition to get close to him and kill him for revenge (is any of that true or is it a just a lie to protect Yin Zhen’s involvement?). Qing Chuan then reminds her that the innocent 18th prince was killed instead. Su Yan says that is why she is in the palace – to redeem herself for killing the prince (this one I at least know is a lie). Qing Chuan calls her a pitiful person and Su Yan says that she has face death so often, that she doesn’t care – but now Qing Chuan has offended Yin Si in order to help Su Yan. What will Qing Chuan do? Two other maids come in and overhear this part. Qing Chuan throws her arm around Su Yan’s shoulder and tells her that she doesn’t care what happens. Plus, if word gets to the emperor, Qing Chuan doesn’t believe he will shield his sons since they have done wrong. Qing Chuan then says they have affinity for meeting each other yet again and introduces herself. Qing Chuan then says they should be friends and help each other. Su Yan introduces herself, thanks Qing Chuan once more and leaves.

The two eavesdropping maids are happy to hear that Qing Chuan has offended the 8th prince. You just know those two will help the 8th prince torture Qing Chuan.

That night, Su Yan goes to a secluded part of the garden to meet Yin Zhen. Before she can say anything, he tells her that he has heard everything already. First she offended Xi, then Yin Si. Looks like Su Yan has offended everyone already. Su Yan asks what she can do and Yin Zhen turns around and tells her not to do anything and wait for his word. He goes to leave and Su Yan stops to plead with him to help Qing Chuan with Yin Si since Qing Chuan offended the 8th prince to help Su Yan. Yin Zhen tells her to not be emotional – plus if he helps Qing Chuan, it will expose Yin Zhen’s and Su Yan’s connection which will not be good for their plot. Yin Zhen tells Su Yan to remember it is safer to do nothing in the palace. Poor Su Yan, she really wants to help Qing Chuan.

Meanwhile, the eavesdropping maids take Qing Chuan to an unused building to clean saying it is under Xi’s orders. Xin Lian then locks Qing Chuan in the dusty place. The bullying has begun in full. The next morning, Li tells his helpers that the late empress’s birthday is approaching so they need to clean up her old quarters. It appears that Qing Chuan has been locked in forbidden room (the room where the former empress died giving birth to Yin Reng). They hear Qing Chuan begging for help, afraid it is a ghost, the open the door. Li scolds her for being in a forbidden place and tells his helpers to drag her away for a beating (an intruder gets at least 20 lashes). Qing Chuan pleads her innocence, but they won’t listen.

Yin Zhen visits his mother who is trying to thread a needle. He takes the thread and needle from De and does it for her. De asks why she has the pleasure of seeing her son. He says he just wished to see his mother. De congratulates her son for being filial. Yin Zhen asks why his mother is doing such work and she replies that Kang Xi likes her needlework. Yin Zhen then wonders why, since his mother loves the emperor so much, De doesn’t do anything to keep the emperor by her side. De replies that there are 3000 beauties in the palace (seriously!?) and it would be selfish of her to monopolize him. Fei Cui then comes and tells De that the dessert will go bad if it is reheated again. Yin Zhen asks after it and De tells him that she heard of the emperor’s cough and prepared that for him and her maid replies that the emperor has never come so De hasn’t been able to get it to him. Yin Zhen tells his mother to go and deliver it to the emperor, but De feels that is not right and will cause unnecessary gossip. This annoys Yin Zhen and he does get De to go and deliver the dessert to the emperor.

The emperor is happy to get the dessert as De’s medicine isn’t as evil tasting as the medicine prescribed by physicians. De then tells him he needs to rest more. The emperor picks up a stack of petition and says that he has no time as the work is piling up. De then mentions that even though the crown prince wasn’t the best, he at least helped ease some of the emperor’s burden, but he can’t do that since he is in jail. At this, Yin Zhen tells his mother that Kang Xi has many sons so why only mention the crown prince. He and his brothers are there to help aid the emperor. This earns Yin Zhen a scolding from De from overstepping his bounds as he is not crown prince so how can he help the emperor? Kang Xi says his 4th son is not wrong. Sharing the work does not necessarily mean having to do the crown prince’s royal duties. Kang Xi then mentions a problem with officials siphoning money that was sent to help with the Yellow River disaster. He then asks Yin Zhen’s opinion. Yin Zhen tells his father to have lower officials become watchdogs and when they catch the culprits, then replace them with the lower officials, thus no one will corrupt again in order to save themselves. The emperor is pleased to hear such a good answer. He praises Yin Zhen saying he will be a good help to dynasty in the future. Yin Zhen smiles and thanks his father for the praise while De does not look happy at all. Why?

Poor 4th prince has a mother who doesn’t seem to want to help him at all and would rather get the emperor to bring back Yin Reng then choose a new heir. Ah, 4th prince, 4th prince. I am not sure how I really like him. Needless to say, while he is kind, his cold political agenda wipes out most of his kindness. I bet that when Qing Chuan gets to know the real Yin Zhen, he will not match the ideal she created from the history books.

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