Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bowls and Leash & Collar for Elsa and Elly - Do feel at home girls!!

On the way to the pet shop, I received the picture above from Eunice - Elly on the left and Elsa on the right (right after they took their shower) - They find it safer to be in the small cage suppose to be for chicken. But they thought its a little kennel for them. Will go and look for a kennel when I go back home. They will feel more comfort in the bigger proper new kennel then.

Admiring the bowl. Nice?

Bought the two bowls from a pet shop at Jalan Rock, Kuching - RM35 for two bowls.

Bought the two leash/collar set at RM53 at The Little Pet Shop, Jalan Song, Kuching.

Look what I saw at the two pet shops - The doggies were very cute. All female. Wish I can play with them again. I was so fascinated when I first saw the doggies and I nearly forgot my main reason for going there.

Sumi is only 1 year and 2 months old. But look at her size. Wow. She looks like an adult dog. I like Shu Mee. She tried to take my hand phone in my pocket but I was aware of it so she has no chance. "Sorry Sumi try another time"

Sumi trying to pull the plastic from it's owner. So cute

Her tail is like anthena. She is a happy dog.

She will be leaving and migrating soon. She will be taking a flight soon. Will I ever see her again.

Till another post.


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