Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nap time for the sisters on March 19, 2011 after shower - Elly and Elsa sleeping soundly

-The sisters favourite place to take nap - Will get a much bigger house for them soon when I get back.

It's been exactly two weeks since we adopted the sisters (Elsa and Elly) They were shy then but after a while we found out they were indeed very cheeky and naughty and they have the same hobby - biting anything they can find. Bought a toy for each of them on March 13, 2011 but just within a week they toys are like below:

The toys when it was newly bought - Before -

- After -

Will have to get them something new to chew again. Elsa now managed to climb on the cage on her four legs. Just moved the cage to a different position so that she won't have any chance to go over to the neighbour's compound and sneak out of the house from the gate there. Who knows she might have missed the field very much and wanted to play there again. She did not know that she will have to take a ride in a car if she wants to go back to the field where we found and adopted her two weeks ago.

Till another post.


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