Thursday, March 17, 2011

Story of Elsa and Elly on March 17, 2011

Story of Elsa and Elly on March 17, 2011

Both Elsa and Elly has been staying with us for nearly two weeks now and they are very used to the place and guess what they are doing right now. Both of them wanted to chew their new license and they have to lie down in this position so that it is more convenient for them to destroy the license of which they thought its a new toy for them. They have not tried the collar yet. In their mind they might be thinking. " One by one. Attack the license first then the collar and accomplished is done". If this happens then I would not know how else to train them not to chew as Eunice already spray some "Bitter Spray" to avoid them from chewing. I am not sure if this works on them as they are very very naughty and cheeky and they know well what is wrong and what is right but they still continue doing things they shouldn't.

I am counting hours how long the collar and license will last.. Time being no news from Eunice yet but in no time she may be telling me about it soon I think.. I will just have to keep my fingers real crossed so that they will not bite or chew. "Elsa Elly can't you just be good from now"?

Earlier on I called my neighbor's daughter, Doreen about the two puppies and she told me they are adorable and cute. We continue to chat a while about them and I asked if she can smell any unpleasant odor of the puppies or our house compound. Doreen told me that they understand about it as both Elsa and Elly are still puppies and they can't control their bladder well yet. I am so touch having neighbors like Doreen and her family. I thank God for good wonderful understanding neighbors like them. To Doreen: "Thank you so much for being a great nice neighbor to us. You are appreciated".


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