Sunday, March 27, 2011

The story of Elsa and Elly on March 27, 2011, Sunday

Elsa and Elly again on March 27, 2011- sun bathing

Just before dinner time - Elsa in a weird position waiting for Elly to play with her agin. They just had a good shower to day and they will get dirty in no time. Maybe they will be happier if they get dirty faster. Soon will be dinner time and...

Both of them enjoying their food now - Menu:

Another good chewing toy for Elsa and Elly - Hope they are willing to share.

All about Dog Rubber Tooth Toy:

Why choose Jungle Rubber Toy - Because it is safe and made of natural rubber, it smells good and will attract your pet while cleaning teeth and massaging their gums. It also cleans pet's teeth and is 100 percent natural rubber and also non toxic.

I hope Elsa and Elly will love their new toy.


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