Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Story of a puppy who looks like Elly

Story of a puppy who looks like Elly:

I miss Elly and Elsa so much although I have not seen them in real yet. Have to wait another two weeks before I can say hello to them. Will Elly and Elsa bark at me? They will think I am just a visitor and totally a stranger to them. As I was on the way home just now I got down from the car and took two pictures of a cute little puppy about Elly's age and the puppy may be older than both the naughty cheeky puppies at home. Forgot to see if it's a male of female. Could the puppy be Elsa and Elly's long distance cousin?

Story of Elsa

Elsa will be sent to the vet later to see what is happening to her ears and properly diagnose her problem. All this could be fungus, parasites or wrong usage of shampoo. From what i see from the picture of her yesterday, it sounds like fungal infection to me. Part of her ears' fur are falling off and the fur will go invisible if not treated well.


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