Thursday, March 10, 2011

Vaccination day for the Elly & Elsa - How often do puppies need shots?

Elsa and Elly at the vet for jabs. Reached the vet for "their first shots" and deworm before noon and they were scared when coming out from the car and shivered on the table. Maybe it could be due to their first visiting to veterinarian. But after a while they were okay.

Latest news about Elsa and Elly at 8.00 pm on March 10, 2011 - Both them were so hungry that they tried to come in the house through the grill door and in the end they finished their dinner within two minutes - "Good girls! both you you finished you food fast real fast"

How often do puppies need shots?

Puppies generally get 3 rounds of shots starting anywhere from 6-9 weeks of age depending on your vet's preference. They get the shots in "rounds" as to not overwhelm the dog's young system. Puppies are very susceptible to airborne virus and infections that come from another's dog urine and feces deposited on the ground. Some viruses, bacteria, etc can survive on the ground any where from 30 minutes to 5 months (parvo) which is why Puppies are not supposed to interact with other dogs or high-traffic areas until they have had all their shots.

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