Sunday, July 31, 2011

New arm sleeves cover for my chair

Just bought a new towel from Parkson at The Spring, Kuching yesterday. The arm sleeves cover are new too.

Towel - RM39.90 (before less 10%)
Cover for the sleeves - RM6.90

Lunch at OLD TOWN WHITE COFFEE, The Spring Shopping Mall in Kuching

Wanted to watch Mr Popper's Penguins at first but then I was not sure it is still showing or not so in the end I just had simple lunch at Old Town White Coffee next to Ta Kiong Supermarkert.

This is my lunch. Signature noodle "Kai Si Hor Fan" (Shredded Chicken Hor Fan soup)

For recipes do click here: - Koay Teow Th'ng (Koay Teow Soup)

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

New found habit of the terrapin which soaks only its head in the water...

Looks like this local six year-old terrapin has found a new habit of soaking it's head in the water. I wonder what is there in the water or could it be she thought she found another twin of her. Blink, open, blink open eyes, this tortoise has been staying with another two terrapins 14 years of age and another one as old as her till now. They are easy to handle. What is needed to care for them are just to feed and change their water and they will keep you company when you are bored. You do not have to buy any toys for them as they already have each other to play with. Simple? No...?

More of Elsa and Elly from July 25 - 28, 2011

Photos not according to dates: More of their photos soon.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Elsa and Elly again from July 23 - July 28, 2011

Both of them in action again. I still have more pictures of them but that will be all for the time being. Will update their pictures again tomorrow. Till then.

Favourite steam egg always

Fried local salted vege with mince chicken meat.

New recipe for steam egg

Recipe for steam egg:

3 eggs beated lightly mix with 1 salted egg
1 measuring cup of water
1 chicken sausage fried and cut into cubes
mince chicken meat
1/2 bowl of soya sauce mix with some garlic oil and red chili sliced thinly


Heat up a wok with water. Cover till water is boiling.
Put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix well.
Steam the egg for ten minutes. When the egg is cooked pour the soya sauce on the egg and close the wok cover for a minute and the steam egg is ready to eat with white rice.

Simple and fast to be cooked.

Till another time.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Apex office chair from Expo Furniture Town Centre, Kuching

For the past one year I have been using single sofa as my computer chair. Then I realized my neck strained at the end of the day each time I online. I thought maybe I would just buy a new chair from Expo Furniture Town Centre at Lot 27 section 16, Jalan Pisang, Kuching.

This is how my new chair looks like:



Maybe you would be wondering why I bandaged the two arms like that. On the first day when I was using the chair, both the arms got scratched so I just simply tie two soft towels and bandaged them like in the picture. After using this chair, I have less backache and it is indeed very comfortable and I can finish updating my posts faster. Anyone interested to buy this chair too? Just pay a visit to the furniture shop above or contact the phone number below:

Tel : 6-082-423476, 243997
Fax : 6-082-427200, 243113

Till another post.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Latest photos of Elsa and Elly again - July 18 * 20 2011