Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Visitor - A story of Bobby our new friend

Did not receive any photos of Elly or Elsa today but I will just write something about a doggie named Bobby. It's a she although she is called Bobby. At first when Fong, our neighbour told me about her name this morning, it took few times for me to ask her for the name again.

Two nights back, I received a message from Eunice saying that our neighbour, has a new puppy. I was so excited that I asked her more about the puppy but I was told it was already late and she so Fiona will only go over to have a closer look at the puppy the next day. The following night Bobby was brought back to our house and she spent a night in our house. It's impossible thinking about it again but it was true.

Click here to know how little Bobby enjoyed having a night vacation with a different temporary fosterer

Credits to for the photos

Few shots of Bobby who enjoyed herself sleeping on the old sofa. Need to change to a new one in a near future but do not know when as if we buy a new one, where will this one be located.

One more photo - Elsa and her new little friend. Do you think Elsa likes Bobby?

...and this is Elsa. She has been vomiting through out the night and the last time I knew was about 3 something in the morning, June 3, 2011.

At the moment Elsa is still resting and I hope that whe will get well soon. Hope she won't throw up any of her food she consumed today. 'GET WELL SOON, GIRL!"


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