Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lunch and Dinner at Kopitiam

Had lunch at Shan City Kopitiam as we do not know what to eat at the new Giant Hypermarket.

Shan city Kopitiam
Lot 7691 Block 16, KCLD,
Brighton Square, Jalan song,
93350 Kuching, Sarawak

Date: August 31, 2011 Time: 13:16:13

Handmade Pan Mi Soup - RM5.80 ( I like the texture of the noodle).

Then we wanted to eat at the 101 Premier Hawker Centre but it suddenly drizzle so changed of plan. We went to Ipoh Town Kopitiam for our meal again. This will be my 3rd time there.

Ipoh Town Kopitiam,
Sublot 31, Lot 7691, Block 16, KCLD
Brighton Kuching, Sarawak
Tel: 082 -467288

Table 10
Date: August 31, 2011 - 18:25:53

Sam Poh Fan at 6.90 including Jasmine Tea - I did not order this because I order...

I ordered Nasi Pedas Siap and Fresh Orange Juice. RM6.90 set again. Will be coming here again to have my meal.

Fresh Orange Juice.

Note: Tomorrow morning will be having Dim Sum at Hong Kong Causeway Bay, Jalan Song if I can get up early. Till another post.

Newly opened Giant Hypermarket at Tabuan Jaya, Kuching

I did not realize that Giant Hypermarket Tabuan Jaya has just started open for bussiness since August 25, 2011. I only went there today with my housemate. It was so jam as we wanted to enter the car park area and we had no choice but to follow the long queue. In the end we found a parking place. (Scroll down and that was where we park our car)

No.1 Tabuan Tranquility Commerial Centre,
Jalan Canna,
93350 Kuching

Photos taken as we enter the car park.

Look at the many cars. Car park was full and we had difficulties in finding one and in the end...

We had no other choice so we parked our car next to this large dustbin container.

Note: Did not buy much as our stomach were already growling. Bought Rm37.00 worth of goods from the hypermarket.

We had our lunch at Song Plaza again. Ordered Handmade Pan Mee Soup.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What I did on first day of Hari Raya 2011

This morning I woke up at around 7.00 am but then I was feeling still sleepy so I thought maybe I would continue to sleep just a little longer. Oops! when I woke up it was already 8.15 am. I faster got up and rushed to the bathroom and had my shower and blowed dry my hair. Then after finishing the laundry work we went out to Ipoh Town Kopitiam at Song Plaza. I ordered the same thing as I did on Saturday. Independence Deal Set at RM6.90 nett - Fish Ball Beehoon Soup and Longan Juice.

After we had taken our late breakfast, we went to Upwell Supermarket to buy some groceries including Ribena for my friend, Ida.

To shorten the story we got lost (sesat jalan) and we took to reach Batu 7 around 45 minutes. When we reached the housing area near her house, we called her and she came in a Kancil to guide us to her mother's home. We had some ketupat and rendang there and enjoyed ourselves there. Both Ida's daughters are 5 and 3 years old. I remember the last time I visited them was nearly three years ago. We left Ida's place after 45 minutes later.

Going out visiting was indeed tiring but we had a good time. That's how I spent my half day outing. Till another time.

Satu Hari di Hari Raya - M. Nasir
source: sobrinani Channel

Lirik Lagu Satu Hari Di Hari Raya

Satu hari di Hari Raya
Ku lihat cahaya bersinar indah
Langit cemerlang tak terkira
Tanda kuasa Yang Maha Esa
Memberi nikmat pada manusia

Satu hari di Hari Raya
Ku dengar irama yang sungguh indah
Ku coba mendekati padaNya
Kira irama itu adalah
Suara pujian Pada Yang Esa

Satu hari di Hari Raya
Aku menangis tanda gembira
Aku menangis tanda ku cinta kepadaNya

Satu hari di Hari Raya
Ku lihat wajah suci ibuku
Ku lihat wajah kasih ayahku
Ku gembira....

Mungkin inilah dia kebahagiaan...

Satu hari di Hari Raya
Ku lihat cahaya bersinar indah
Langit cemerlang tak terkira
Tanda kuasa Yang Maha Esa
Memberi nikmat pada manusia

Satu hari di Hari Raya
Aku menangis tanda gembira
Aku menangis tanda ku cinta kepadaNya

Satu hari di Hari Raya
Ku lihat wajah suci ibuku
Ku lihat wajah kasih ayahku
Ku gembira....

Mungkin inilah dia kebahagiaan...

Satu hari di Hari Raya
Ku lihat cahaya bersinar indah
Langit cemerlang tak terkira
Tanda kuasa Yang Maha Esa
Memberi nikmat pada manusia...

Satu Hari di Hari Raya...

Monday, August 29, 2011

A new cooker hood (electric chimney) again

Bought this cooker hood or also known as extractor hood at RM500.00 six years back when we shifted to this house. Some called it electric chimney. Since buying this cooker hood I hardly did any cleaning to it. One day while I was cooking and as I on the switch some weird creaking sound came out from the cooker hood. Could it be spoilt as we have been using it whenever we cook? So we stopped using it for sometime until when I decided to clean it. When I pressed the auto cleaning button. it did not work properly as I have to use my finger to keep pressing it. The auto cleaning feature is already not in working properly.

What I did was I just put a little soapy water in a container and pour into the hole on top of the cooker hood and start pressing the auto cleaning feature button. Suddenly water kept dripping from the two corners. Had to use two small containers to fill up the dirty soapy grease water coming out from there. I regretted for cleaning up the whole thing at first but then after about an hour the water stopped dripping and it is working properly again. There is no more creaking sound coming out from the cooker hood. I might start cooking again as our kitchen now is like having a new cooker hood again.

After cleaning it is sparkling shine again like a new one. Just like we only bought it recently. Will try to remember to clean it more often.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Farewell my temporary "HOUSEMATE"

Is this the conclusion of the story?

Early this morning before one of my housemates went for a swim, she woke me up and told me the mouse was trapped at last. I was still not fully awake so I just continue to sleep. Not long after that after I had my shower, I went to the backyard and saw the mouse was already sunbathing and it's eyes were sparkling staring at me. Both of us do not know what to do to the mouse as this is the first time we experienced this after staying here for so many years.

After we finished doing the laundry, I took my mobile phone to snap a few photos of the mouse but I realized the mouse look stiff and not moving. I asked my housemate why it was like that and she told me not to worry so the mouse fake her death. I turn the little house upside down but the mouse. I used something to move it but in the end we found out that it's body was a bit hard with a bloated stomach too.

We did not know what to do to it. My housemate suggested that we buried it near Mindy (my terrapin who died few years ago). Farewell to my temporary "HOUSEMATE", the mouse. Hope this is really the end of the Story of the House Mouse.

Cause of death: - Unknown (sudden death)

- The mouse could have died over bloated after consuming so much delicious food.
- The mouse may have commited suicide by biting it's tongue.
- Maybe it was sick or in stress.
-Heart attack after consuming so much oily food

Note: I am still thinking what is the real cause of the mouse death.

Photo taken at 10.00 am

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Not my usual self

Today is not my usual self. I was planning to eat in H.I.P. at the Spring Mall again last night before going to bed. But this morning all my mood just gone. Had a half boiled egg and three biscuits for breakfast and I on the computer to online a while as usual. But something happened again as I've expected. These few days whenever I start the computer, the screen just turned black colour. Called the computer shop and asked about the problem and they told me it's the screen and within one month I will not be able to use the monitor again. Oh, what a day to start off with. Lost my mood totally after hearing all that. I like this mornitor so much and I do not know what else I should do. Maybe I will just hand over this monitor to the shop for checkup and see if anything can be done to save it's life.

Told my housemate I cancelled my plan of going to The Spring Mall for lunch. In the end I had my lunch next to Everrise Supermarket. Forgot the hawker shop name but the food that I ordered from is from a Sawadee Thai Food stall. I looked through the menu stated on the board and it has Fried Kangkung at RM6.00 excluding rice. Then I told the girl there I can't finish the whole plate of kankung and in the end she agreed that I can order sambal belacan with rice at RM4.50.

This was how the sambal belacan kangkung rice looked like:

RM4.50 - Rice a bit hard maybe not enough water or the rice can't absord the water well.
Taste: Out of 10 rating I would give 8. Not bad though.

Black bean soup at RM4.50 - I hope after drinking this soup it can maintain healthy hair naturally. Taste was alright

To know more do click here for Black Bean Soup Information

Friday, August 26, 2011

Lunch at Yamishu Tea House and Excel Brewers Yeast with Garlic vitamins for the Elles

Had "Nasi Goreng Kampung" at Yamishu Tea House just now. I'm not sure if you notice most of the time I have my lunch will be Fridays as this is the day that I really can't figure out where to eat. At that time the mouse back at home is home alone and it must be feeling happy and relieved that there was no one to monitor it or them of what they were up to. Will try to set another trap for the mouse again. Hope it really works this time.

After lunch I went to Pets Passion to get a bottle of Excel 8-1 Brewers Yeast with Garlic for Elsa and Elly. It stated that each bottle contains 1000 chewable tab.

8in1 Excel Brewers Yeast with Garlic – Each bottle contains tasty 1000 Chewables tablets. Time being Elly's is not recovered yet. She is still suffering from fungal skin infection. She already visited the vet. 2 times for the same problem and I hope she is now on the road to recovery. From what I understand is, fungal infections are usually much more difficult to cure as fungi are hard to be killed and it really takes some time to heal. Every day I will be asking Eunice "How is Elly, any improvement? Is she okay? Anymore scratching? I hope after consuming enough vitamins and hygiene well taken she will be alright again in no time.

Just look at the bottle. It's a big and this is one of the biggest vitamins bottles I've ever seen so far.

Front view - picture not clearly snapped maybe my hand was shivering when I took the pictures or either that my new phone not functioning properly.

All about Excel Brewers Yeast with Garlic

source: from the bottle

- Promotes Healthy Skin and Coat
B- COMPLEX VITAMINS - 1000 Tasty Chew Tabs

Excel Brewers Yeast with Garlic contains Omega 3 fatty acids to maintain healthy skin and coat.
- B-complex vitamins keep coat shiny and fustrous.
-Veterinarian recommended.

Directions: For dogs and cat. One table for each 10 pounds of body weight. May be given with other supplements inclucing multi vitamin and joint care supplements.


Debittered Brewers Dried Yeast
Stearic Acid
Dehydrated Garlic
Safflower Oil
Fish Oil
Ferrous Carbonate
Zinc Oxide
Manganese Sulfate
Thiamine Hydrochloride
Copper Sulfate
Cobalt Carbonate
Pyridoxine Hydrochloride

Note: Keep this product out of reach of childrean and pets to avoind unintended consumption.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lunch at Mitsu Tea House

Another tea house again for my lunch. This time we went to Mitsu Tea House which is located at

36 Ground Floor,
Lt. 5386, Block 16,
KCLD RH Plaza,
Lorong Lapangan Terbang 1
93350 Kuching.
Phone No: 082-571003

As we entered Mitsu, there were still many places so this is where I chose to eat after the food was ordered.

The antique tables and chairs reminded me of old times when I was still at child. The environment of the place was clean and quite nice.

I was glancing at the menu and as usual I would always ordered Cantonese Fried koay teow (Wat tan hor)

The koay teow lookes simple and the taste was okay. I would prefer the fried rice which my housemate ordered.

Fried rice - "Yeung Chow Fried Rice" or "Yangzhou Chao Fan"

Other than those two, we oalso ordered "siew mai" (forgot to take a picture of it)

Fried koay teow (Wat tan hor) - RM6.00
Fried Rice (Yeung Chow Fried Rice - RM6.00
Dumpling(siew mai) - RM4.50
Warm Water(2) - RM1.00

Grand Total: RM17.50

After paying the bill we went home and here I am still infront of the computer while waiting to work soon.

The story of the mouse continues:

Time being I did not see any sign of the mouse which gave me several surprises when it showed it looks to me before I went to bed. Two places I saw it:

1. I heard some noises came from the kitchen so I went behind and had a look of what was happening. Got a shock seeing the mouse crawling down the window grill and disappeared.

2. As I was going upstairs for bed time something happened again. This time the mouse was trying to get food from the small pail on the kitchen table where I usually prepare the ingredients for cooking. When it heard me going to the kitchen, it quickly went hiding through the gas hose. I couldn't really see it running away as it was fast and within split seconds it was nowhere to be seen. Now the time is 2.00 pm and I think it went somewhere to have a long nap before coming in the house again to scare me or it is hiding in a little dark corner some where in the kitchen or back room.

Maybe it's time for me to give the mouse a farewell party.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Roasted chicken and sea cucumber soup

Half roasted chicken - (comment on the roasted chicken: Nice and the skin was crispy)

Was posting about I wanted to have instant noodles for lunch but last minute there was a change of plan. We went to Yamishu Tea House instead to have roasted chicken with rice. Not to forget about the soup too (sea cucumber soup) - my all time favourite. Today the chicken texture was very nice and the gravy added to the chicken was just delicious. I thought I was not very hungry at first as I've taken chicken bun wrapped pandan leaf earlier on in the morning for breakfast. Then when the dishes arrived I finished the rice without realizing.

Sea cucumber soup. My favourite among all soups. - RM10.00 (small bowl)

White rice - texture of the rice is just nice and it was such a delicious meal just now during lunch time. On the way home there was a slight jam on the road. Had a short rest and now I am ready for work. Will be back home again in the evening. Till another time another post.

Evening: Dinner time again: August 23, 2011

The other half roasted chicken that we tapao.

Baked beans with added luncheon meat

This was what I had.

How to Get Rid of Mice

Bought chicken bun wrapped with pandan leaf for breakfast from one of the bakery shops. It was bed time again and I was worried if the house mouse who is still hiding in the house somewhere will attack the food before I see them again.

Then I found a way to prevent the bun from disappear due to the mouse.

First I used two food covers then on top of them I cover with a kitchen towel. Finally I used another netting food cover. It was done and the bun was safe. Then when I eat the bun I found out that the bun was not tasty at all. I will not buy this bun from the same shop again. I bought it because the last time it tasted good.

The chicken pandan bun after I reheat using toaster.

Unposted photos of Elsa and Elly

Bark! Bark! you re on candid camera. Unposted photos are now updated

Till I go home for more photos.

Note: Latest news - Elly has not recovered from ear fungal infection. Elly and Elsa visited the veterinarian yesterday and Elly was given another jab and medicine for the skin. Hopefully she do not have to visit the vet again for the same purpose.

As for Elsa one of her ears is droops down again and the other one stands up. It has been few days and her right ear never stands up again.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

More photos of Elsa and Elly in action from July 29, 2011 - August 16, 2011