Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lunch at H.I.P. and dinner at 101 Premier hawker stall

Lunch at H.I.P. and a little shopping to do at The Spring - Makan makan at Premier 101 in the evening for dinner.

This is what I had for lunch at H.I.P . The location is at the 3rd floor near the MBO cineplex, The Spring Shopping Mall. The menu is Noodle Spareribs soup - RM6.50

I ordered plain water - RM1.00

The environment and decoration at H.I.P. (I do not know what does H.I.P. stands for in full. Forgot to ask the cashier when I paid the bill.)

I did not sit at one of those chairs. I sat next to the place there. The chair was real comfort with good cushioning.

Might be going there again some other time.

After makan makan at H.I.P. I did some shopping and guess what. I thought I would not be given any plastic bags to put the things and food that I bought as it was a Saturday but I was wrong. Look at the cart below. It was like all plastic bag day. Fortunately I did not have to carry the things with my two hands or I would be walking many rounds if no plastics bags were given.

I went home around 1 something in the afternoon. Took a nap after cleaning the chicken and put the stuff into where there were supposed to be.

In the evening this is what I had. My favourite Ikan Bakar. This time round I ordered Ikan Bawal instead of the normal Ikan Pari. The price came to RM16. RM4.00 per 100 gram. It tasted good and I will not get bored if I have to eat Ikan Bakar almost every day. The only worries I have is whether my throat can take it.

Ikan Bawal Bakar with ladies fingers

Till another time. Have a nice day.


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