Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Newly opened Giant Hypermarket at Tabuan Jaya, Kuching

I did not realize that Giant Hypermarket Tabuan Jaya has just started open for bussiness since August 25, 2011. I only went there today with my housemate. It was so jam as we wanted to enter the car park area and we had no choice but to follow the long queue. In the end we found a parking place. (Scroll down and that was where we park our car)

No.1 Tabuan Tranquility Commerial Centre,
Jalan Canna,
93350 Kuching

Photos taken as we enter the car park.

Look at the many cars. Car park was full and we had difficulties in finding one and in the end...

We had no other choice so we parked our car next to this large dustbin container.

Note: Did not buy much as our stomach were already growling. Bought Rm37.00 worth of goods from the hypermarket.

We had our lunch at Song Plaza again. Ordered Handmade Pan Mee Soup.


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