Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Roasted chicken and sea cucumber soup

Half roasted chicken - (comment on the roasted chicken: Nice and the skin was crispy)

Was posting about I wanted to have instant noodles for lunch but last minute there was a change of plan. We went to Yamishu Tea House instead to have roasted chicken with rice. Not to forget about the soup too (sea cucumber soup) - my all time favourite. Today the chicken texture was very nice and the gravy added to the chicken was just delicious. I thought I was not very hungry at first as I've taken chicken bun wrapped pandan leaf earlier on in the morning for breakfast. Then when the dishes arrived I finished the rice without realizing.

Sea cucumber soup. My favourite among all soups. - RM10.00 (small bowl)

White rice - texture of the rice is just nice and it was such a delicious meal just now during lunch time. On the way home there was a slight jam on the road. Had a short rest and now I am ready for work. Will be back home again in the evening. Till another time another post.

Evening: Dinner time again: August 23, 2011

The other half roasted chicken that we tapao.

Baked beans with added luncheon meat

This was what I had.


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