Thursday, August 18, 2011

Story of Elsa and Elly

It's been exactly a month since I last saw Ellysa. Elsa has put on some weight and Elly has been infected with some kind of fungal infection. Took her to the vet. for a jab and she was given antibiotics and antifungal tablets for the skin.

I always called our neighbour to see if both of them are okay when Eunice is at college. Then Fan will usually give me about the same answer " Oh, both of them are alright. One will be sleeping in front of the main door and the other one will be in the cage.. Not to worry."

Elsa playing with her old toy bought some time back.

Elsa dreaming while Elly looking at somewhere


Anonymous said...

What kind of dog is the floppy eared one?

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