Friday, September 16, 2011

Grass Cutting Day

Have always wanted a neat garden but just look at the condition of the compound of this house. The last time we called Zainal over was July 7, 2011. That was a long time already. It has been more than two months since we had our house compound grass cut.

This morning Zainal came at around 9.00 am. We were glad the weather was fine and no rain not like two days back where it rained whole morning. Before he came, I told him over the phone that the grass was nearly my height already. He agreed because it was a real time since he came.

We did not know when the work was done because we told him to come back and cleared the rest of the place after 2.00 pm. When we reached home at around 1.30 pm after lunch at Lato Café Brighton Square, Jalan Song he already finished the cleaning and everything.

Photos taken before and after:

Looked like Padi Field.

Long long grass. The mosquitoes will love this place. So much hiding place

Zainal start cutting the grass.

I asked him to chop of the Bunga Raya plant so that they will grow nicer.

After the grass has been cut. There were birds eating the seeds on the ground just now. Couldn't take any pictures of the birds as they flew away very fast when they saw me going near them. Just ignore the wall condition. Did not plan to paint it just yet.

Zainal did a very good job. He even cleaned the whole area of the compound beside cutting the grass and trimming the plants. Pets will have a lot of place to run and move about.

Another post will be up soon.


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