Monday, December 19, 2011

8 days CHINA SHANGHAI Tour - Day 06 Hangzhou/Wuzhen on December 11, 2011

The temperature in Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuxi, Hangzhou, Nanjing and Wuzhen area from December 6 - 12, 2011 was between -4°C to 10°C . We had to bring along Windbreaker or Jacket, Umberella or Rain Coat in case of changes in temperature or raining.

8D Jiangnan Tour: (December 6, 2011 - December 13, 2011)

Day 06 - Hangzhou/Wuzhen on December 11, 2011: West Lake +Cruise Trip, New West Lake South Line, West Lake New World. Hangzhou Treen Tea.
These two pictures were taken just before I went for buffet breakfast. Packed everything ready and after taking my meal I will just have to take my belongings with me.

We took a smooth cruise around the West Lake by boat, across the old bridge and two causeway (Su & Bai Causeway), and I enjoyed watching both old and new West Lake's charming scenery. Then we proceed to Meijiawu, the Dragon Well Tea plantation where we could find and taste the most famous green tea in China. (My head went blank a while do not know what else to write so I will pause a while and happy viewing the pictures.

After lunch: I slept and was awake every now and then on the way to Wuzhen.

On the way to Wuzhen we stopped by for a while at a place ( I was not sure where the place was as I was feeling a little sleepy then due to the cold temperature). Michael took us drink chrysanthemum flower tea. After that we continue to go to Wuzhen.

Gusao Cake is be the most famous dessert in Wuzhen. However I did not buy any of it. I wonder if I will have a chance to try one of those cakes some day.

Wuzhen meals highlight: Can't think of any. The dishes were okay... okay only.Simple meal.

We had very early dinner in Wuzhen - Before the dishes were served, I asked them to on the heater not realizing the heater was already on. Imangine how cold the temperature was. The temperature was Freezing cold - imagine cooler than the temperature of a refrigerator.

Wuzhen Guest House - We went for a sampan ride to the water village where we are going to stay for the night.

After taking some photos of the Guest House I would be staying I was feeling a bit hungry and went down to look for some food. I found a stall selling wanton mee but I was not sure if the noodle tasted yummy so I ended up eating a plain montou instead. When I was having breakfast the following morning, I only realized our landlord and his family can cook for us too if we were feeling hungry and wanted to have supper. I regretted not asking them before hand.


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