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8 days CHINA SHANGHAI Tour - Day 02 Shanghai/Suzhou on December 7, 2011

The temperature in Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuxi, Hangzhou, Nanjing and Wuzhen area from December 6 - 12, 2011 was between -4°C to 10°C . We had to bring along Windbreaker or Jacket, Umberella or Rain Coat in case of changes in temperature or raining.

8D Jiangnan Tour: (December 6, 2011 - December 13, 2011)

Day 2 in Shanghai
- After having breakfast we continue our journey at 9.00 am. I did not have enough sleep but tried to keep awake as I came here for sight seeing and not to sleep in the room. I asked Michael where I could buy an umbrella as it started to drizzle a little. He told me not to worry. Every now and then there's someone who will offer us and umbrella at 10 yuan each. I was relieved hearing what Michael said. Yess! I will not get wet in such cold weather. The temperature had gone down from above 10 degrees to below 10.

As I got up the coach I went straight to second row as it was undersood that the front row was to leave it empty for our tour leader. Our first sight seeing in Shanghai was to the Oriental Pearl Tower which is the highest in Asia, third in the world. However we could not see much as everything was covered by mist. Then we ascend up the Glass Floor to have a bird's eye view of the Shanghai. There I bought a keychain at 15 yuan and two more at 18 yuan each for Fiona. The temperature continue to drop a little due to the rain. I did not expect the weather would be so cold and I only wore a tshirt & Elle jacket/windbreaker. Heard my brother told me that wind breaker could do a little help but it did not help much maybe the windbreaker jacket was not thick enough. Further more I was not fully prepared - no glove for my cold hands and wool hat to cover my head.

Before going for our first lunch, we went to Bund Seeing Tunnel. It was like a colourful time travel machine. It was called the Laser Tunner. Will upload the video captured. The video will only be ready to be viewed after Chinese New Year.

Below are photos taken every now and then during our sight seeing.

As we walked out from the tunnel we took some pictures of the Bund street. The floor was so slippery and I had to walk slower so that I won't fall like humpty dumpty.

More pictures taken

This is Michael. He gave us some information about what we have seen earlier on and then we headed off for our first lunch in Shanghai. After that we proceed our journey to Suzhou.

Suzhou: We reached Suzhou at around 3pm and it started to rain again. Fortunately I had my umbrella or I would be forced rain shower. Our first journey was to Tiger Hill. There we met, Helen our tour guide from Suzhou. I was so happy when she could explain and give us information in Cantonese and Mandarin. Thank you, Helen. I could understand much better then.

After visiting Tiger Hill we went to Harmony Times Square (Yuan Rong Square) + Tianmu Giant LED Screen.

This is Helen, I began to like her although I just got to know her in lest than an hour.. She is very friendly. She gave us some information about Silk as our journey continues. We had early dinner around 5.00 pm. Oops! I forgot to take some shots of what we had. One of the nice dishes was steamed egg with silver fish and steamed fish. I even joke to our local tour from Kuching that I wanted to take away the left over dishes especially the egg for Fiona and Eunice back home. Everyone laughed when I said that.

After dinner, we went some where but I can't recall where. Maybe due to me being not too well, my throat is itchy right now and I continue to cough every now and then. Oh yeah! the sky getting dark after 5.00 pm and it was like night time already.

We checked in to Nanya Hotel. Some of the photos taken in the room where I stayed.

I slept after 12.00 midnight after watching some programme.

To be continued in my next post. Day 3 Suzhou/Nanjing
Day 1 - Kuching/Singapore/Shanghai


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