Sunday, March 13, 2011

New toys for Elsa and Elly on March 13, 2011

New toys for Elsa and Elly

Elsa chose the yellow one at first then Elly also wanted. Both of them fighting over one toy but later on Elly played the blue one for a while and Elsa also tried to grab from Elly. In the end both of them barking at each other because of the toy. They fighting over more for quite some time. I wonder when will this end. Elsa's bark more high pitch than Elly's. Elly's bark sounds fiercer and rough.

Both Elsa and Elly bite the new toy quite aggresively. They love their new toy.

Fighting over one toy is more fun?

This is Elly with the yellow toy and...

Elsa with the blue one

New toys coming up for Elsa and Elly when I get home. Hope they won't fight over the toys again.

New collars and license for them but I can't guarantee how long those collars and license will last? One day? Few hours? They will surely bite each other's. Sigh...

Until my next post...