Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Elsa Elly you are on candid camera on March 28, 2011 - Say cheese.. Can't wait to see both of you

Latest photo of Elly. She must be feeling tired that is why can take her photos so easily

And this is Elsa. "Do you like to take photo, Elsa?"

"Feeling bored? No worries you will be napping again soon" Elly does not chew her toy yet today.

Guess Elly is about to meet Alice soon.

Both sisters are waiting outside for attraction. Could it be they are hungry?

This is Elsa licking her own mouth.

Both of them about to sunbathe

Sunbathing time as usual.

Elsa just dozed off but Elly still waiting for someone to accompany her

Finger licking good.. haha!! See how they licking her hand

Elsa's ears are infected with parasite. In the process of healing slowly. "Elsa, remember not to scratch or you will turn bald soon".

Both Elly and Elsa having appointment with Alice. Sweet dreams!!

Till another post.