Tuesday, April 5, 2011

More photos of Elsa and Elly after visiting their veterinarian at Ipoh Garden East


Elsa and Elly visiting veterinarian on April, 5, 2011

Visiting our Veterrinary Surgeon in Ipoh Garden East


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In the car after second vaccination and further checkup on Ear Parasites and Body - On the way to the veterinary clinic just now, Elsa suddenly made some noise as we were about to reach. Elly then hid under the car seat not willingly to come out. I was surprised they can sense well the place they were going to although this is only their third time there.

More photos of them after visiting:

After reaching home Elsa felt sleepy and slept soundly and just look at how she sleeps - Reminds me of the game "Play Dead" for dogs. I am still figuring how to teach Elsa to "Play Dead".

And this is Elly also feeling very sleepy.

After a while she woke up hearing a click sound coming out from the handphone. She must be thinking why take photos of her and her sister when they are so tired after visiting their friend at Ipoh East Veterinary Clinic