Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Latest photos of Elly and Elsa visiting Puppyland again on April 6, 2011

Latest photos taken on March 6, 2011 - Elsa and Elly in their newly bought house: About to nap again SWEETEST DREAMS TO BOTH OF THEM

Story of Elly and Elsa on April 6, 2011 - Latest photos taken after washing the floor

Photos of the day - Elsa wink at me as I snap her photos scratching her itchy ear. "Stop doing that, Elsa... you are already balding."

Below are more new photos of Elsa and Elly taken on March 6, 2011 after washing the floor and had their towels changed. Took many different pose of them. Took quite sometime to snap their photos as they are camera shy at times.

Elsa facing me sleeping soundly. She did not even realize who is taking her photo.

This is Elly chewing her Munchy Strips which we bought at Jusco Supermarket. I do not understand myself well at times. Whenever I see anything that is right for them, I would just buy... shop till I drop just on their things in no time... Ha!! Ha!

Elly busy chewing the Munchy Strip - First time eating it so she enjoyed chewing and she wanted to be faster than Elsa hoping that she can have Elsa's share as well. But wait a minute...

Elsa managed to take her own sweet time finishing the Munchy Strip

Elsa definatedly not worried at all her sister will grab her share as I was holding Elly close to me preventing her to snatch it from Elsa.

Elsa looking at Elly while chewing.

Finished chewing in such short while. Could hardly believed it they can chew and finished the whole strip in such a short time. I did not time them as I was busy watching them doing so.

After that they went back to the sunny area for sunbathing again.

Elly resting her head on Elsa as Elsa looking at me one kind wondering why I took so many of their photos today.

Both of them trying to have a short nap while sunbathing.

Elsa dozed off in split seconds.

But she was awake again as she got distracted. Maybe I was standing too near her.

"Elly what are you trying to do?" You may as well forget it if you are thinking of scratching any part of your body".

Elsa and Elly still sunbathing

The sun changed direction so Elsa rest a while on the step

Elly is about to doze off again.

Then she closed her eyes and had a short nap.

Photo taken from top - This is Elly.

and this is Elsa. Sweet dreams Elsa. I wonder if she is in PUPPYLAND again.

Both of them looked like as though they were kissing each other. Elsa loves Elly.. and so does Elly loves Elsa."

Elsa looking at Elly who was in the cage at that time.

Elsa! Elsa! Elsa!

Both of them again trying to sniff for some food. But no food for them time being.

Elly getting sleepy again.

Elsa on the step feeling a bit moody.



Elsa looking at me.



More of Elsa..

Both of them sound asleep.

I like this photo. Elsa hoping to have more food from me.

Then they were sleeping again in their little house since they knew time being I wouyldn't be giving them any treats.

Till another post.