Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ticks please go away

They are sunbathing till got few ticks on each of them. Elsa got 1 on the neck, 2 in between her paw and Elly got 1. "Ticks please go away, don't stay in their hair. Thank you for your cooperation".

Grass Cutting Day on May 7, 2011

Before cutting the grass

Started to cut the grass

Weather so sunny. Money is not easy to earn.

Still cutting the grass - What a hardwork it must be.

After - Look at the compound. So nicely cut the grass

Oh it's about to rain and looked up above. The plane... the plane.

Even the drain is so clean now.

I am very satisfied of the grass cutting work done today. Thanks so much again for the nicely cut grass. Will definately contact him again in another two months time.

Those who would like to have their grass cut do contact the number below:


Visiting veterinarian again on May 7, 2011

Both of them thought if they close their eyes and pretend to sleep no one will take them to a place they do like very much. Maybe they like the place a little..

Porridge for lunch?

Porridge for lunch?

Porridge for lunch? No... no I did not have that for lunch. I had sambal fish mix sotong kangkung rice again. Housemate had porridge. When she came back home just now she was saying and asking me why she is always feeling very thirsty. The answer is......