Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ikan Bakar for dinner at 101 Commercial Hawker Centre

Dinner at 101 Commercial Hawker Centre

Weather is very warm nowadays but it did rained a bit just now after we ordered ikan bakar.

This stall we went this time was not the usual stall we usually ordered from as we wanted to try something different.

At first the fish we chose was 600g then we start counting. Wow RM24.00 for the fish. I changed my mind then in the end we managed to get one at:

Ikan bakar at RM18.00 @ RM4.00 per 100 gram. How's the taste like? Glad to say I like the taste. Might come here again in two weeks time.

Oops forgot to take picture of the white rice. By the way all white rice looks about the same. Till another post.