Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lunch at SugarBun Boulevard Shopping Mall & Dinner at home

When I told Fiona I had lunch at SugarBun she thought I ate buns. SugarBun has a variety of food such as Western Cuisine, Asian Cuisine, Patisseries and Beverages.

Thought maybe I wanted to cook some simple dishes for dinner as I am already running out of ideas what to eat for dinner. Before heading to the hypermarket to get the stuff for cooking, I went in SugarBun to order nasi lemak.

I chose to have nasi lemak as I was feeling a bit hungry

Plain water is free of charge.

After that I went shopping for some chicken and vegetables to cook for dinner and below are two dishes for the night.

Lotus soup still boiling.

Ready to be served.

Braised Chicken with Fresh Mushroom to eat with white rice later tonight.

Ready to eat with white rice.