Saturday, May 21, 2011

Chew Chew Bone for Elsa and Elly & A new friend too

Bought two Chew Chew Bone with Rose Berry Flavour. (Helps attaacks plaque and protects dog's teeth) for Elsa and Elly. Hope they will enjoy chewing them when they are bored.
ALL ABOUT CHEW CHEW BONE With Rose Berry Flavour

Chew Chew Bone acts as as a Dental Care device for your dogs

It is easy compare to use brush and toothpaste which must unlike by them.

This orthodontic aid also irresitible to dog and totally satisfying your dog's passion for chewing.

By chewing the Chew Chew Bone, it will also help to stimulate the brain and assist in burning calories to prevent obesity happen.

Chew Chew Bone also aid in solution to stress through regular chewing.

The tripe action of Chew Chew Bone help retain the healthier mouth and fresher breath.

With the strong teeth, healthy mouth and fresher breath will keep your dog life healthy and away from disease especially heart disease.

Do not throw the bone into the air for your dog to catch. The sudden high impact could cause tooth damage.

When both knuckles are ground down, the bone should be replaced.

Met a new friend too. Forgot his name. Nevermind will just call him Friend...