Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Selamat Hari Gawai 2011 - Gayu Guru, Gerai Nyamai!!

"Selamat Hari Gawai" to all who are celebrating. Woke up early in the morning as the weather was already warm since morning. Quickly got ready and went to Simon house. Just bought a tin of biscuits and a packet of lollipop for his kids. Reached Simon's place at about 11.00 am and he was a bit worried I would lost my way to his house again as usual. I do not know why my memory is just so poor. Although I've been there several times but i still can't remember the route well.

Simon and his family served some wonderful delicious food during my visitation there. I couldn't help myself from not adding more. I just love the food there. After about an hour Simon invited me to go to his brother in-law's house which is just next to their house. His brother in-law, Doras served some nice food to me too. At first I thought maybe I would just have a glass of drink but in the end I was eating again. So much food in my tummy within two hours.

Here are some pictures I would like to share with you:

Mi Siam, Chicken Rendang, Braised Duck Soya Sauce and Fried Mix Vegetables.

Mi Siam and white rice to eat with the yummy dishes

Braised Duck in soya sauce.

I forgot the name of this famous biscuits. Before I left, Patricia gave me some of these. Thank you so much Simon and Doras family for the good food. I will remember to visit you all again.