Saturday, June 4, 2011

From the wok to the bowl and to the plate

Did not have the mood to go out and eat so just have this for my meals. Simple and quick and as for the taste....

My three meals - Fried bihun and a glass of ribena for refreshing.

Pictures of the day - Angry Birds

Angry Birds pictures sent to me by Alfred two days - Wonder what the story was all about

STORY OF ELLY ON MAY 30, 2011 - Elly's scared to be alone

Two days ago, Elly was barking very loudly at around 1 - 2 am. Then suddenly there was a loud bang at the front gate but no one can be seen when the front door was opened and the front porch light was on. Elly was so scared and she wanted to go in the house. i guess she communicated with Elsa who was in the house and not long after that Elsa was whining. Could it be Elly was trying to tell Elsa that she was scared someone may come in to dognapped her. That was what I assumed but anything can be the caused to Elsa's whining.

During the two nights after the incident, Elly was afraid to be left alone at the same time. Maybe she still remember well what happened the other night. I hope after yesterday, she will overcome the fear to be left alone till the next early morning when Elsa will join her again as she usually does.

Hope tonight Elly will have a goodnight rest and be alert and brave to guard the house.