Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A story and song about Elly and Elsa - 5 days to go -mishu, mishu

I have been asking Eunice many times a day how is Elsa's ear. Has it dropped down again like usual but Eunice said it is standing again and I think the left side of Elsa's ear will be forever like dat till she is adult. Have no choice but to accept the fact. Hope she don't look weird with this new looks.

As for Elly, heard that she likes to keep her things in the cage. Whatever she find that belongs to the cage she will definately keep them back in the cage. Sounds like a person doing house chores but she is just our pet whom is not pretty but I really admire her character. We have been rearing dogs before and she is the only one who does that. She trained herself. I hope she will continue to do that till she grows old.

Elly and Elsa have been running a lot although the place is not big enough for them to do so. They will go in the house and then run round the car to burn their calories. No wonder they did not put on weight in fact she are consider thin but long. Wonder if the father's gene is like that. Their mom is just a normal mongrel with normal size.

A song about Elly and Elsa

Liang zhi xiao guo
Liang zhi xiao guo
Zhen qi guai
Zhen qi guai
Yi zhi duan le wei ba
Yi zhi shu le er duo
Zhen qi guai
Zhen qi guai...

Till another post about Elsa and Elly. They will be spayed on June 15, 2011. Hope they won't feel much pain.

Young Ginger Chicken for lunch on a Tuesday

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