Monday, July 25, 2011

Apex office chair from Expo Furniture Town Centre, Kuching

For the past one year I have been using single sofa as my computer chair. Then I realized my neck strained at the end of the day each time I online. I thought maybe I would just buy a new chair from Expo Furniture Town Centre at Lot 27 section 16, Jalan Pisang, Kuching.

This is how my new chair looks like:



Maybe you would be wondering why I bandaged the two arms like that. On the first day when I was using the chair, both the arms got scratched so I just simply tie two soft towels and bandaged them like in the picture. After using this chair, I have less backache and it is indeed very comfortable and I can finish updating my posts faster. Anyone interested to buy this chair too? Just pay a visit to the furniture shop above or contact the phone number below:

Tel : 6-082-423476, 243997
Fax : 6-082-427200, 243113

Till another post.