Monday, August 1, 2011

More photos of Elsa and Elly

The remaining photos of Elsa and Elly that Eunice sent to me few days back. After today I will have to wait for more new photos to be posted here. Hope they remember to send to me or I will not have their latest looks.

Miss them so much but I will have to wait till mid next month before I can see them again. Will be buying more toys for them soon and I hope both the siblings will appreciate what I've done for them. If only they understand. Wonder what's the menu for their dinner tonight?

Lunch time again - Braised chicken in dark soya sauce with egg

Woke up this morning having backache and headache. Could it due to the weather or I am just weak. When I sit down I don't feel like getting up from the chair. The backache hurts when I tried to stand up. Now I'm still having the pain as I walk around.

Went to the kitchen and open the fridge. Found few chicken drumsticks and was thinking what to cook for lunch and dinner. Then I thought maybe Braised Chicken in Dark Soya Sauce would be a great idea.

In less than an hour my lunch meal is ready.

2 - 4 people serving


1.You will need 6 chicken drumsticks - (Don not forget to remove the skin when you purchase the chicken from the market or hypermarket or anywhere that you can find chicken. Whenever I bought the chicken I would have to wear glove to remove the slippery skin).

2. Thumb size of young ginger - cut the ginger in slices for the fragrance to come out easily and to get rid of chicken smell. If you do not want to cut it just crushed it.

3. Sugar to taste to marinate the chicken drumsticks. Maybe you can use honey rock sugar or plain white rock sugar too.

4. Dash of white and black pepper to marinate the chicken drumsticks.

5. 1 to 2 cloves of garlic and crushed it - remember to take out the skin.

6. Star anise and cinnamon sticks - Depends how much you need it. Too much of them will make the braised chicken bitter.

7. Dark and light soya sauce

8. Oyster sauce

(All the above ingredients are for marinating the chicken)

9. Corn flour mix with water.

10. 4 eggs boiled and shelled

11. Do not forget to put oil - without oil this dish won't work well.


Take out the chicken from the fridge and defrost it. Clean the chicken and marinate well the ingredients as stated above.

1. Heat up the wok with oil and put in the chicken and eggs.

2. Bring to boil simmer everything till under low heat for 20 minutes. Don't forget to cover the wok or pot with the lid. Add in corn flour with water to thicken the sauce.

3. The braised chicken is now ready to be served with white rice.

Simple right, just three steps and one dish is ready. No more thinking hard of going where to eat for lunch or dinner. Happy trying.