Friday, August 5, 2011

What I had for dinner

A very funny way of taking the food pictures. I just could't snap the pictures at the right angle. This were what I had for dinner just now. Yong Taufu (The taste was kind of weird as the taufu tasted sour and I couldn't figure out what sauce it was. I thought maybe they forgot to soak in the water after they bought the taufu from the market or anywhere they bought them from).

Then got fish cooked in don't know what type of funny sauce. Fist time tasted this type of fish. The fish was not very fresh but luckily the sauce was okay. I managed to finish the rice because of the sauce.

One more dish that I had was "mo kwa". I am not sure what is it called in English. So I just called the dish mo kwa fried with shredded carrots. The taste I give 5 points out of 10.

Actually I intended to fry "bulls eye" but my housemate already bought the cooked dishes from one of the stalls nearby. Not very near actuallythe distance maybe about 2.5 km. Had to drive there also, can't just walk there. Would be too tiring. I think I should have fried "bull's eye" instead. I will definately cook for tomorrow's meal.

Pictures of Elsa & Elly - It's sleeping time for Elsa and Elly again

Photos of Elsa and Elly having their one and half nap in the living room.