Saturday, August 6, 2011

Half a day's outing on Saturday

Half day's outing and two dishes for dinner on August 6, 2011

This morning I woke up with heavy a head having scary dreams about my hair turning white over night. Then when I realised it was just a dream after all I was relieved and told relatives and friends about my dream. They laughed and said it was just about white hair not a serious case.

Then I quickly finished the laundry work and was planning to have ice-cream and kai si hor fan and going to pet shop to get bowls and collars for Elsa and Elly. Reached The Spring Shopping Mall at about 11.00 am. Went into Old Town White Coffee and ordered our food. As usual I would order kai si hor fan and as I looked through the pages of the menu book for ice-cream, I did not find any flavour that I wanted so in the end I just ordered a glass of cold teh tarik.

Then we went to Ta Kiong and bought some chicken and vegetables. Suddenly, my housemate had a bad stomach ache and so we had to go home and forget about pet shop. I was not in a good mood as what I've planned for just ruined. Anyway we did stopped by at Amazing Pet Shop. I did not have high hopes of getting any suitable bowls there because the last time I went there, I remembered well that they only have small to medium ones. As I entered the pet shop, I saw a big good labrador and I said hello to him. His name is Koko. Got to know from one of the person in charge there that he is 8 years old. I did not take any photos of him though. Koko allowed me to touch him. He is a friendly dog. This is the very first time ever that I've seen such a large breed labrador. In the end I did not buy any bowls for Elsa and Elly as I could not find the right size and so we headed for home.

Now I am still in front of the computer screen surfing what's interesting to be read. Oh yeah, besides the curry mee my housemate ordered, I also took a picture of the Hari Raya decoration at The Spring. A very nice sampan. Wonder when I can take a ride in a sampan. If I do where will I be going. It would be nice to sit in a sampan rowing to short destination. I think I will surely fall into the lake or river. Never sit in a sampan before just yet. Will want to have a try some day. Anyone interested to go along with me?

Hari Raya decoration at The Spring Mall Kuching

Two dishes for dinner in few minutes time.

Simple vege soup with egg and sausage (what a big bowl, have to stand up to scoop the soup)

Chicken drumsticks in soya sauce.

Till another time.