Sunday, August 7, 2011

Visiting Sumi at The Little Pet Shop

After lunch we went to The Little Pet Shop nearby at Jalan Song. As I entered the shop I saw Sumi. The last time I saw Sumi was when buying collars for Elly and Elsa. Heard from Catherine that she is now pregnant. No wonder she is not so active and was just lying about most of the time.

Finally I found two suitable bowls for Elly and Elsa but I couldn't take any pictures yet as I've to wait for the stocks to arrive which will be about one and half months old from now due to shipping. The colours of the bowls which I ordered will be blue and purple. Will update the bowls pictures as soon as I received them.

The Little Pet Shop is located at:

Ground Floor, 11377 PL16, Jalan Song - near Top 10 food court

Business hours: from 10.00 am to 8.00 pm Tuesday - Saturday
Sundays: 10.00 am to 6.00 pm

For further information please contact 082-575182.

Photos of Sumi:

Sumi having short nap.

After playing with Sumi for a while I went back and had a short nap before start cooking. Simple dishes for the night.

Lunch at No. 6 Cafe at Jalan Song

Had lunch at No. 6 Cafe, Jalan Song in the afternoon. We ordered a pot of stew lean pork leg and assam curry fish head with rice. I only ordered plain warm water which cost only 30 cents. It's always nice to drink plain warm water after eating rice. Our next stop would be The Little Pet Shop.

Stew Pork Leg @ RM8.00

Asam Fish Head Curry @ RM8.00

RM8.00 per dish with rice included.

Plain Water at RM0.30

This was what I had for dinner just now. Very simple meal. Sardin fish in tomato ketchup and steam brinjal with onion/oyster sauce.