Friday, August 12, 2011

Laksa at Yamishu Tea House (真功夫)

Another day at Yamishu Tea House. At first I wanted to order some Dim Sum but then I thought it was nearly lunch hour so I ordered laksa instead. When the food came, I look at it and the first sentence that came to my mind was is this the laksa I ordered? As I was hungry i just ate the laksa and finished the food. Asking about my opinion about the taste, I would only say this is the first time I've ever tasted this kind of laksa and I do not know if I will order it again or maybe I will just put this menu aside and order some other food instead.

After having my meal at Yamishu, I went to "Pets Passion" near Yamishu Tea House to buy two chew chew bone for Elsa and Elly. The retail for each toy was RM13.90.

(This picture was taken last month and guess what, I've to buy the same chew chew bone for them as the one in the pictures can't be chewed soon)

Discount 5.00% - RM26.41
with another rebate of RM1.00 for the bag.
Total: RM25.00

Will be going to "Pets Passion" to buy two bottles of daily supplement Excel Multi Vitamin for Elsa and Elly.

Click here for more information about Excel Puppy Multi Vitamin

When they are one year old I will change the Excel Puppy Multi-Vitamin to Excel Adult Multi Vitamin