Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dinner at home but not home cooked dishes

Dinner time again. Actually these pictures were taken yesterday before meal time while waiting for sinetron"Hingga Akhir Waktu" to be started. Sometimes the dishes looked tempting in pictures but when we really eat it then it's a different story.

Was feeling so lazy to cook for few days already. Maybe due to over strained at work or maybe I was just too worried thinking about this and that. Will be going out in half an hour's time so I will just write something very simple and short.

Tapao four dishes from beside Everrise Supermarket, a hawker stall at Food Avenue Hawker Centre.

Overall taste: I would prefer to try something else.

Four dishes tapao from outside food stall at RM12.30

1. Lobak and luncheon meat

2. Do not know how to call it in English so I just named the dish as "Mo Kwa Fried Tung Fan"
- oops! this picture is so blurr like in a dream. Wonder can pictures be taken in a dream.

3. Japanese tofu fried in some kind of sauce

4. Local tofu stuffed with mince meat