Saturday, August 20, 2011

Nasi lemak, ice-cream and uninvited guest

Today is another Saturday again and as usual I will normally go to The Spring to have my lunch. Last week I had noodle at H.I.P. and today it was nasi lemak. Don't really like the taste of the fried chicken and sambal. I remember the last time I had nasi lemak from this same stall, it tasted much nicer. I will definately try food from other stalls in a near future.

After makan makan I bought ice-cream with double chocolate flavour which cost RM5.50. Too sweet for me. Maybe I would try some other flavour next time.

Nasi lemak at RM6.50

Ice-cream (double chocolate flavour) - RM5.50

Dinner: Ikan Bakar and Lotus Root soup

I've always like to go to 101 Premier to have ikan bakar. So today I had dinner there again. Today the fish is cheaper at RM15 @500 gram. Reached home around 7.15 pm and I quickly closed all doors as I was afraid the uninvited guest (house mouse) will sneak into the house. This morning I found some clue that the rat climbed on the computer table and rested there. "Oh, just go away. I don't want to be your friend". I am so afraid of mouse and rats and now I have to experience with one in this house. Help!!!

Note: Fiona just told me "fake mouse become real mouse, then press right click on the eye." -- don't want to think about it. Will really give me sleepless night.