Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Roasted chicken and sea cucumber soup

Half roasted chicken - (comment on the roasted chicken: Nice and the skin was crispy)

Was posting about I wanted to have instant noodles for lunch but last minute there was a change of plan. We went to Yamishu Tea House instead to have roasted chicken with rice. Not to forget about the soup too (sea cucumber soup) - my all time favourite. Today the chicken texture was very nice and the gravy added to the chicken was just delicious. I thought I was not very hungry at first as I've taken chicken bun wrapped pandan leaf earlier on in the morning for breakfast. Then when the dishes arrived I finished the rice without realizing.

Sea cucumber soup. My favourite among all soups. - RM10.00 (small bowl)

White rice - texture of the rice is just nice and it was such a delicious meal just now during lunch time. On the way home there was a slight jam on the road. Had a short rest and now I am ready for work. Will be back home again in the evening. Till another time another post.

Evening: Dinner time again: August 23, 2011

The other half roasted chicken that we tapao.

Baked beans with added luncheon meat

This was what I had.

How to Get Rid of Mice

Bought chicken bun wrapped with pandan leaf for breakfast from one of the bakery shops. It was bed time again and I was worried if the house mouse who is still hiding in the house somewhere will attack the food before I see them again.

Then I found a way to prevent the bun from disappear due to the mouse.

First I used two food covers then on top of them I cover with a kitchen towel. Finally I used another netting food cover. It was done and the bun was safe. Then when I eat the bun I found out that the bun was not tasty at all. I will not buy this bun from the same shop again. I bought it because the last time it tasted good.

The chicken pandan bun after I reheat using toaster.

Unposted photos of Elsa and Elly

Bark! Bark! you re on candid camera. Unposted photos are now updated

Till I go home for more photos.

Note: Latest news - Elly has not recovered from ear fungal infection. Elly and Elsa visited the veterinarian yesterday and Elly was given another jab and medicine for the skin. Hopefully she do not have to visit the vet again for the same purpose.

As for Elsa one of her ears is droops down again and the other one stands up. It has been few days and her right ear never stands up again.