Saturday, August 27, 2011

Not my usual self

Today is not my usual self. I was planning to eat in H.I.P. at the Spring Mall again last night before going to bed. But this morning all my mood just gone. Had a half boiled egg and three biscuits for breakfast and I on the computer to online a while as usual. But something happened again as I've expected. These few days whenever I start the computer, the screen just turned black colour. Called the computer shop and asked about the problem and they told me it's the screen and within one month I will not be able to use the monitor again. Oh, what a day to start off with. Lost my mood totally after hearing all that. I like this mornitor so much and I do not know what else I should do. Maybe I will just hand over this monitor to the shop for checkup and see if anything can be done to save it's life.

Told my housemate I cancelled my plan of going to The Spring Mall for lunch. In the end I had my lunch next to Everrise Supermarket. Forgot the hawker shop name but the food that I ordered from is from a Sawadee Thai Food stall. I looked through the menu stated on the board and it has Fried Kangkung at RM6.00 excluding rice. Then I told the girl there I can't finish the whole plate of kankung and in the end she agreed that I can order sambal belacan with rice at RM4.50.

This was how the sambal belacan kangkung rice looked like:

RM4.50 - Rice a bit hard maybe not enough water or the rice can't absord the water well.
Taste: Out of 10 rating I would give 8. Not bad though.

Black bean soup at RM4.50 - I hope after drinking this soup it can maintain healthy hair naturally. Taste was alright

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