Sunday, August 28, 2011

Farewell my temporary "HOUSEMATE"

Is this the conclusion of the story?

Early this morning before one of my housemates went for a swim, she woke me up and told me the mouse was trapped at last. I was still not fully awake so I just continue to sleep. Not long after that after I had my shower, I went to the backyard and saw the mouse was already sunbathing and it's eyes were sparkling staring at me. Both of us do not know what to do to the mouse as this is the first time we experienced this after staying here for so many years.

After we finished doing the laundry, I took my mobile phone to snap a few photos of the mouse but I realized the mouse look stiff and not moving. I asked my housemate why it was like that and she told me not to worry so the mouse fake her death. I turn the little house upside down but the mouse. I used something to move it but in the end we found out that it's body was a bit hard with a bloated stomach too.

We did not know what to do to it. My housemate suggested that we buried it near Mindy (my terrapin who died few years ago). Farewell to my temporary "HOUSEMATE", the mouse. Hope this is really the end of the Story of the House Mouse.

Cause of death: - Unknown (sudden death)

- The mouse could have died over bloated after consuming so much delicious food.
- The mouse may have commited suicide by biting it's tongue.
- Maybe it was sick or in stress.
-Heart attack after consuming so much oily food

Note: I am still thinking what is the real cause of the mouse death.

Photo taken at 10.00 am