Monday, August 29, 2011

A new cooker hood (electric chimney) again

Bought this cooker hood or also known as extractor hood at RM500.00 six years back when we shifted to this house. Some called it electric chimney. Since buying this cooker hood I hardly did any cleaning to it. One day while I was cooking and as I on the switch some weird creaking sound came out from the cooker hood. Could it be spoilt as we have been using it whenever we cook? So we stopped using it for sometime until when I decided to clean it. When I pressed the auto cleaning button. it did not work properly as I have to use my finger to keep pressing it. The auto cleaning feature is already not in working properly.

What I did was I just put a little soapy water in a container and pour into the hole on top of the cooker hood and start pressing the auto cleaning feature button. Suddenly water kept dripping from the two corners. Had to use two small containers to fill up the dirty soapy grease water coming out from there. I regretted for cleaning up the whole thing at first but then after about an hour the water stopped dripping and it is working properly again. There is no more creaking sound coming out from the cooker hood. I might start cooking again as our kitchen now is like having a new cooker hood again.

After cleaning it is sparkling shine again like a new one. Just like we only bought it recently. Will try to remember to clean it more often.