Monday, September 5, 2011

Boarding Home for Pets - Lovely Pet Care in Ipoh

All about Lovely Pet Care

Learn to take a dirty looking animal and turn it into a beautiful happy little friend. The best reward of all , A KISS from your new little pet friend. Pet Grooming can be one of the most rewarding jobs there is out there. LOVELY PET CARE is a Professional Grooming Academy will help you shape your future . That is Mission from "LOVELY PET CARE".


3F, 29 & 31, Laluan Ipoh Permai 1, Taman Ipoh Permai, Ipoh, 31400

HP 016-559 3007

We Specialized:

• Pet Grooming Academy
• Pet Styling & Dressing Courses
,We Supply:
• Pet Accessories
• Boarding & Grooming Services



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Boarding place for pets: SUMOMO PET BOUTIQUE at Taman Ipoh Permai, Ipoh.

Was looking everywhere to find boarding place for the Elles when we wanted to go travelling or outstation then we came across this place:

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SUMOMO PET BOUTIQUE is now open at Taman Ipoh Permai , please visit our website for further information

Sumomo Pet Boutique is a deluxe pet salon, spa & hotel that offer unique products and services for your beloved pet.

We provide below services:

- Pet Grooming
- Pet Spa & massage
- Luxury Pet hotel (build in kennel with air-cond)
- Pet Day Care
- Homemade Pet Bakery
- Pet products

Any enquiries, pls do not hesitate to contact us :
Phone Number: 0164804974

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Short story of the two sisters - More photos of them from 19/8/2011 - 3/9/2011

More of the two siblings:

Woke up this morning with a heavy head. Then I remembered I have not been doing any ironing for the past few days. Although I was not in the mood of doing anything today. Will start working on it later on. Thank you to Eunice for the uploading photos of Elsa and Elly or I won't be updating this post now.

From the photos, I realized both the siblings have grown much bigger compared to the last time I saw them on July 19, 2011. That was many days back. It won't be long before I will be seeing them again. Missed bathing and touching them. Have always enjoyed all the cleaning work although it was really quite stressful when I went back for the past few times since they stayed with us.

I might add in new menu for their meal. Hope they will love it. Heard from neighbours that although one of Elsa's ear is drooping again now (reason unknown) but she said she still looks all right. A bit unique and special. I was not sure of what she said whether it is true, when I get back home, I will know if Elsa is what my neighbour thought.

What to have for my next meal?

This morning I had instant noodle for breakfast and I will have to crack my head thinking what to eat again for my next meal. Feeling lazy to go out with the condition of the weather out there. It has been quite warm these two days after a heavy rain fall the previous night. Or maybe I will just drink a cup of milo with a few cream crackers for lunch.

Today everything my routine goes normal again after a long holiday for me. Must adjust back the clock in me. Have to reset back the time back to "normal".

Note: My right arm is still straining after many days.

Sunbathing time for the sisters

Dreaming time in "Puppyland"

Time to dream again. What else can they do. They are just feeling bored so sleeping is the best routine.

Half asleep? She is really on the way to dream again.

Is Elly waiting for me to come home?

Elsa do you miss me?

Can't sleep yet - maybe Elsa slept too much during the day.

Elly looks like she was sick but actually she was just falling asleep. Too sleepy due to a little fight with her sister?

Elsa is feeling dull. She does not know what to do except to rest her eyes.

What a mess Elly has made. When I get back she will know what I am going to do.

Elsa looking at the camera. She must be thinking " Why photos again? My right ear is still drooping."

She loves to lie down this way when she can't sleep. Can be nearer to the owners

Still wide awake. Can't sleep yet. Maybe too bright. She would prefer the lights to be off.

Both of them looking outside. Hoping there is someone who drop by to play with them.

Both of them waiting for someone?

Elly is coming in but Elsa still looking outside feeling curious what sound she could have heard earlier on.

Both of them continue to wait. Could it be waiting for me?

Elly's ear is not recovered yet. Still red.

Elly staring at the camera.

They must be waiting for more food. But it was still early. Meal time would be hours later.

Elly waiting for food or dog treats.

Sleeping very soundly. Shh.. a little sound might wake her up. She is a light sleeper.

A happy girl. That's Elsa feeling cheerful on this day.

About to be sleepy again.

Why is she licking? Any food that she saw? But it was impossible. Her food should be from inside.

Elly feeling very thirsty. More water please.

Elsa looking here but where is Elly looking?

A gloomy day. No sun so no sunbathing for them.

Both of them waiting for the sun to shine so that they can sunbathe again.

Night time - Short nap before they had a good night sleep later.

They always feel sleepy after dinner.

They love to sleep under the warm slight sunlight.

Till another post. More photos of both of them when I get back.