Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A little gift for me

Have been sending many messages to Fiona since today is her off day. She told me Smurf the movie was nice and I will surely love it because the show has many blue colours. Waiting to watch the movie soon but whom do I go and watch with? Today has been quite a tiring day. After work I quickly on the computer and posted this little pink gift. The nose of the cutie reminds me of my handphone icon. Fiona's favourite. Whenever I send that icon to her she would say she liked it.

I thought it is a pen that she bought for me but I was wrong. I have been guessing what it is and she told me it is a handphone strap. It's "Sister Fa". Mentioning about "Sister Fa", I may watch My Sister of Eternal Flower again. I just like to watch Charmaine Sheh who plays "Fa Ga Che" ( Fa Lai Chu) who has an IQ of a ten year old girl.

It is about dinner time again. Did not cook for weeks already after the mouse incident. Will be having taufu, black bean soup and fried long beans for dinner.

Note: Thank you for the the cute little gift again. I love it.