Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Dong Zhi or Happy Winter Solstice Festival everyone!

Hi, today I was supposed to be back home but when i double checked again to confirmed, I realized I've booked the wrong date so I will be only going home tomorrow. Just had lunch today and the menu was braised chicken in dark soya sauce.

Happy Dong Zhi everyone! Eat thong yuen today and you will get a year older. That was what I've been taught since I was a child.

After waking up and had shower, I went downstairs and a bowl of "thong yuen or tāngyuán" was already waiting for me to have it for breakfast. Ever since I was a child I came to understand that eat the thong yuen means getting a year older. The main ingredient for making thong yuen is glutinuous rice. It is cooked in a gingery sweetened soup. Add in some pandan leaves will make the soup more fragrant.
Click here to know more about the history of Dong Zhi
After breakfast I prepared the ingredients for lunch. Now what's for lunch. Daily question of what I will be having for lunch and dinner. Menu of the day is Braised Chicken in Soya Sauce. Yesterday when I was at the market I ordered a plate of char kueh toay. Supposed to be Penang char kuey teow. When the plate was taken to me, I was surprised to see a fried "bull's eye" on the kuey teow. This was the first time I really had this type of "Penang Char Kuey teow". Really not tasty at all. I will not order that again in future. The next time I want to eat "Penang Char Kuey Teow", I will go to Penang or somewhere else but definately not here at this stall.

Braised Chicken in Dark Soya Sauce for lunch and dinner

My right arm suddenly feeling discomfort again. I must have strained the muscles. It is a bit painful when I tried lifting it up. Could it be due to too much house work today? Talking about house work, I received a message from home that we have a young helper at home. She helped to washed the floor. Want to know who she is?

This is Yan Leng our young new helper at home. I've known this little girl for few months and it was like I already knew her since she was born. Wanted to write more here but my right arm can't really move properly so I will just end here and till another post when I am back home.

Photos of the three bowls of thong yuen given by three different neighbours. I wonder which one tasted the best. No matter how they tasted, it's the heart that counts. I already asked Eunice to keep a few of the thong yuen in the fridge for me.

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