Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's Christmas Day - December 25, 2011

Another year again. It's Christmas season and on this day I woke up feeling quite unwell with a little running nose and throat feeling uncomfortable. Went to Christ Church this year. Before I move further of what's on my mind, here's few shots of Elsa after 1.00 am. Elsa and Elly will be 1 year old soon or maybe they already turned 1 by now.

Woke up quite late in the morning but I forgot what was the time when I opened my eyes. Did not want to be one of the last person to be in Church so we just had something light for breakfast. I ordered a cup of hot milo at one of the nearby coffee shop.

After that we went straight to church. We were surprised as we were one of the earliest to arrive. The sermon for the day was all about John 3:16. Service started at around 10.15am and ended before 12.00 noon. We had fellowship makan-makan and minum-minum. I got to know few new friends from there. One of them was Wai-Sze. We chatted a while before going home.

After that, I went to Ren-Aun Medical Hall to get some medicine for flu and to ease my throat.

Some photos taken at Siew Har's house during a quick rehearsal/Christmas Songs by the youth. Oops! do excuse me for the poor photos snapped. Maybe I should practice morein handling a camera.

Went home before 10.00 pm. We were tired when we reached home but had a good time.

Some photos of she, her and them.

One more photo of Elsa and Elly before I say good night. Till another post.