Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sinetron yang masih saya ikuti - Bayu Cinta Luna mulai Episode 1 - 138 di TV9

Another sinetron that I've been following every Monday - Friday is Bayu Cinta Luna. I did not notice it started airing on September 13, 2012 but then one day as I was surfing for what shows to watch, I already missed a few episodes of the sinetron, and I just started watching from where it continues. When I first started to watch I told myself I must keep watching till the conclusion which will be aired in a few months time. Below is the synopsis of what is the story is about:

Global Synopsis Bayu Cinta Luna

Rahman and Imran's friendship continues to their descendants. Rahman's sons, Bayu and Krishna are very close to Bimo, Imran's son. They also work in the same office.
Meanwhile, Luna has just quit her job over a trivial matter. Her boss misbehaved with her at a party which lead to people thinking bad about her including Bayu who was also there at the party. Luna applies for a job at Bayu's office without his knowledge. Bimo, who has a liking for Luna, tells Bayu to look after that pretty girl. Bimo gets upset when Bayu accuses Luna of not being a nice girl.

As time goes by, Bimo finally dares to show his real feelings. But at the same time, Bayu comes to realize that Luna is actually a very pretty and a nice girl. Bayu too starts to fall in love with Luna. This confuses him as he doesn't know if he should choose his friendship with Bimo over his love for Luna. Indeed two very difficult options but a decision has to be made.


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Saturday, May 26, 2012

A bad experienced on a Friday - Thief breaking

Woke up after a long nap for about 1 hour plus or so. After taking my shower I thought maybe I should take a short nap but I ended up sleeping for more than an hour. Woke up at 3.30pm and I peeped through the window and I could feel like it was going to rain heavily.

Took another time shower again before going downstairs and see if I could online a while. But when I went down it already started to drizzle together with strong wind. I opened and closed the front door quickly before the rain water came in. My RM15.00 slippers were soaking wet very fast due to the heavy rain all of a sudden. The rain was accompanied by thunderstorm and lightning. I guessed it was the heaviest rain I've ever experienced since I came back here.

At around 5.00 pm I went to open the gate waiting for my housemate to return home. Did not cook so I waited for her to tapa, hmm.. guess what was for my dinner? Will let you all know later. Never mind will just say it now. Yesterday I had spare-rib rice.

When I opened the padlock I found something weird happening. Eh... how come the hook for the pad lock was broken. I thought maybe the gate was a bit old already as the house is around 10 years old by now. But then my heart went cold for a moment, I was shocked to see the grill of the gate being cut. Oh no... HELP!! got thief tried to break in. The weird part was how come he did not jump over and why he took the troube to cut the pad lock hook and then cut the grill of the gate after that. I really don't understand what was his intention. Already called the police regarding this matter.
A short video clips on how heavy the rain was and how strong the wind that could blew anyone who stands in the rain at that time.
So sorry, as I am no good in capturing a video. Have to bend sideways to watch the short video clips.

The guys came but they have to stop work a while to wait for the rain to stop. Rain.. rain... go away come again another day.
While the guys were resting, one of them said it was suspected that the thief may have wanted to steal the gas cylinder as nowadays the cost of the gas cylinder is expensive.

Will buy a brown color paint to paint the gate during Gawai holidays next week.

Just don't like the new interface took so long for me to update one short post like this.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

A visit to eCosway at RH Plaza, Kuching

Woke up early morning yesterday and I received a message from a friend telling me that I was invited to an official of eCosway opening on Sunday from 9.00 am onwards. I was very excited about it and I was wondering where the location is and I called Winston again and he told me yes at BDC RH plaza.

So I went to survey the place before going knowing that if I did the last minute searching for the place I would end up couldn't find the place at all. After I bought a nice glass jar of flowers to take it there for the opening, I searched for the place again and this time I found it. It is the place where I usually bought my cosway stuff. If I knew it is the same old place I always go I wouldn't have wanted to survey could have save some time napping at home but I am happy that I do not have to change the location to buy my things from cosway.

To those who wanted to buy any cosway items don't forget to pay a short visit to:
The address is:
Alice Wong Enterprise
GF & 2nd Floor,
SL9911 Block 1,
66 Jalan Lapangan Terbang,
RH Plaza,
93250 Kuching.

This is the jar of flowers I bought at RM57.00 including the mini card and ribbon. Not a bad choice right as I always like buying cute stuff.

On April 15, 2012 - This was where I had my lunch. Buffet style food with quite many choices at ecosway there. Thank you Winston and Alice for the nice food.

Door gift for me as I entered the shop just now

I have not bought anything from there yet today. Will buy the apple juice and other household items this coming Friday. See you again eCosway at RH Plaza.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I met Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr. Tony Fernandes on Board - April 2, 2012

Hello everyone who dropped by here. It was another travelling day for me back to the East. My flight was supposed to be 1.50pm to Kuching on April 2, 2012. But the flight was reshedulled to 2.25pm. I did not know why I was not upset at all due to the delay and I continue to wait patiently for the announcement to board.

As i went in the Ak5210 flight slightly after 2.00 pm I sat down and continue to wait again for the rest of the passengers to board. Then minutes before the departure, I thought I saw someone very familiar and guess what, I met Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr. Tony Fernandes. I remember the first few words I said to him was "So nice to meet you. First time I am seeing you". He is very friendly and before he got down the plane I took a photo with him. Thanks to one of the cabin crews who took the photo of us.

A photo with Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr. Tony Fernandes just before the departure time.

I wonder when will I have the opportunity to meet him again. April 2, 2012 is an unforgetable day for me.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lunch at 3.15pm on April Fool's Day - April 1, 2012

This morning I woke up early as usual. Went to have breakfast at Liang Tang, Ipoh Jaya with family. I ordered "Hor Hee" as usual at RM3.30 per bowl. Some missing and extra word with the spelling but it's okay the noodles tasted delicious. After that we went straight home and I did my usual routine cleaning the little mess in the house and laundry work.

Then what was next, I would never want to miss going online for a while. Then at around 1 pm I was feeling real hungry and so I gave Imm my cousin a call. I asked where she was at that time and complaining to her my stomach growling very hungry already. She told me she would be on the way to go for lunch with me soon. While waiting I ate some chocolate rolls (biscuits that we bought from night market) I finished the biscuits within minutes as I was getting very hungry already. Guess what, when Imm arrived she said why not we go to the famous noodles coffee shop for our meal. I was quite reluctant at first as I've been mentioning my stomach couldn't wait much longer. Anyway I just said okay, I knew it when we reached there, we could hardly find any good place to sit. The coffee shop was so packed with people who had their late lunch or maybe tea break.

I was happy in the end we managed to find a small place at the corner. We took our order and while waiting, I realized there was some water coming in through the window shutters. I thought it was raining on a very sunny day at first but then I was wrong. It was just water splashed in a little due to the running water outside while a lady was washing the plates and bowls quickly as there were not enough. I chatted a while with the kind friendly lady and was glad I got to know a new friend while waiting for our noodles to arrive.

After waited for nearly an hour, it was our turn and we finished eating in such a short time. Waiting was longer then we finished the food. Had a good time with Imm and hope to see her again soon for another meal somewhere in Ipoh.

Below are few shots of pictures taken from the famous noodles coffee shop. Just look at the crowd. I enjoyed the meal although it was something rare for me to have lunch at 3.15 pm.

Imm and us having our meal. Could not see the rest of us as we had not enough space to take the pictures of everyone. Bill time: RM29.00 for the food - Cheap? Okay? Expensive? Reasonable price? No matter how much they cost I enjoyed the meal very much as Imm was with us for the day. Thank you Imm for joining us for lunch or rather tea time.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

What is happening to Elly - Elly throwing up yellow bile

As usual I will be feeding the Elles biscuits with milk but this morning Elly was not interested at all. When i gave the food to her she was not excited to come near her bowl. It was not like her. Normally she would be jumping and waited for the food anxiously. At first I thought it could be the milk she was afraid of. Then I realized it was the biscuits. It's like phobia to her seeing dog biscuits of any kind. I am saying this because she does not really want her biscuit treat too.

Now she is lying infront of the front door. Her nose is quite dry. I hope she will be okay. To those who dropped by I will be thankful and appreciate if you all can say a little prayer for her health. Elly is only about 1 year 4 months old. Hope that she will have her normal appetite again soon. She may be naughty at many times but it's sad to see her unwell. "Do get well soon, Elly!"

Latest pictures of Elly on March 29, 2012 - afternoon: sunny day no rain yet -

Pictures taken at 2.50 pm - Elly vomited a few times including in the cage.

5.35pm on March 29, 2012

These two pictures taken at 5.35 pm after we cleaned the big pool of vomit. It was yellowish in color much bigger pool than earlier on.

Elly is watching Eunice mopping the floor.

Pictures of Elly waiting for Elsa to finish her food or rather waiting for her to unfinish it. Elly waiting there lying down though she is still unwell.

Dated on March 29, 2012 at 9.20 pm

Elly before going to bed - 11.20 pm

Elly brushing her teeth - method biting Dental Chew. Good night Elly. Please don't throw up anything anymore.

Till another day.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The 3 little kittens

Hi, today has been a long day for me. Woke up early this morning. Mopped the living room and the kitchen (dry and wet). Found another few spots of dark stained blood. I am still wondering if the blood stained belongs to a godzilla or just a lizard. Once I even thought there was a snake in the house. So scared to go downstairs in the morning but my neighbors told me "oh that blood stained, belongs to a pregnant lizard or either and injured one". Then I was not so afraid anymore. Maybe one day will just put two paper sticker to welcome the blood stained owner. But then I was too scared to do that. So how yea?

On Saturday, which is today we went to Bercham coffee shop to have our breakfast. I ordered "lou shi fan" kicap noodle and some "Dai Kao Meen" or direcet translation maybe it is called "Big Face Apam Balik". I do not know what it is called in English. It's one of my favourites. After breakfast with ta pao some for our neighbor's kids. I am sure they love the kacang pancakes too.

On reaching home I prepared the ingredients for the ikan jacket that I bought from the market two days back. Tonight we will have fish with rice dish. It has been ages since I cooked that dish.

See the three little kittens above and below? They were the cute kittens we saw at the Ipoh East Veterinary Clinic. Cute yea? But we couldn't adopt the kittens because we had Elly and Elsa at home. If we take back one of the kittens then there will surely be a war zone 2012 created back at home soon. It's getting late now. Will rest a while before I start cooking again. Till another time.

Happy viewing the not so clear pictures. The three kittens were hugging each other while playing. They are really adorable.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

1 up 1 down Elsa and straight down Elly!

Elly and Elsa are here again to say "Hello". It's been quite a while since I took any pictures of them. As time passes by, I grew lazier and lazier in posting my blog so I thought today maybe is a good day to put up some pictures of them before I get lazy again.

When I was taking most of their pictures they were actually quite sleepy and at times the shots of them were when they were sleeping and I yell at them " WAKE UP! WAKE UP!" Very bad of me yea to disturb and intterupt them dreaming in puppyland. Elsa ears has been like this again - meaning one up the other down: Yes Sir, No Sir since July 2011. I think it will remain to be like that for the rest of her life. At first I was not very comfortable with her ears and I've been trying to ask people around me why is her ears like that then until one day, we went for a car ride and saw her brother who is staying with another owner near Tambun area, I forgot what garden his brother is staying, his ears are also like Elsa's then I stop asking people as maybe it is just due to genetic. One ear from the father's gene the other one from mother's.

As for Elly's tail who can't wag at all since the day we took her back from the field, I just home she won't have any difficulty when she gets older.

We will be away Sunday for a while and I think when we come back home in the evening, our home will turn into war zone. Oops! I hear some thunderstorm out there and I think I better stop updating time being or I have to say goodbye to my laptop. Till another time.

Few pictures of both of them that I snapped recently.

Have enough view of them? No? Yes? If the answer is no I will update again their pictures soon.