Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 2 Chinese New Year 2012 - A Date at Kenny Rogers The Spring Mall

In a few hours time, it will be Day 3 Chinese New Year where I will be flying to the west again. What I had and how I spend my time today? Nothing much happened except that I was happy I could have a delicious meal at Kenny Rogers.

This was what I ordered. 1/4 Meal Black Pepper Chicken with three side dishes and a banana muffin. Drinks? I just ordered plain warm water. After having my lunch I went walking heading to no where at the Spring Mall. Wanted to watch We Not Naughty the Movie but I don't think it is showing at MBO here so maybe I will just watch the movie in Singapore.

H.I.P. is not open today. At first I thought I wanted to have something light there when I couldn't get the watch "We Not Naughty" but seems that the shop is closed till tomorrow. Will have to wait before I can have lunch or tea break next month.

Just before I went to Ta Kiong Supermarket I dropped by Speedy to buy Ombak Rindu dvd. I knew it's a nice show although I have not watch it yet. Read the synopsis:
All About Ombak Rindu
Just received a sms from Fiona a moment ago about "Jerky" the word. Did not sound familiar to me until I found it from http://en.wikipedia.org/After doing some window shopping, I went to Ta Kiong Supermarket again and there I bought two bottles of pepper at RM5.00. 4 pieces of mandarin oranges, a can of longan and two bottles of drinking water. Opened one bottle already and the other one I will take it to the airport tomorrow.

As I came out from Ta Kiong Supermarket, I took three pictures, one each of Old Town White Coffee, KFC and Pizza Hut. Nothing better to do, haha!

After paying for the parking ticket, I gave a smile at our friend and a little red packet in the slot. Have a nice Chinese New Year day, my friend.

Reached home around 2.40. At that time Putri Yang Ditukar - Episode 69 if I am not mistaken. Did not complete the full Episode as I was feeling quite tired and went upstairs to have a short nap as I boiled Herbal Chicken Soup for dinner.

After having enough rest, I went downstairs and cut the vegetables helping my housemate. She fried the mix vegetables for dinner. I left the frying job to her because I wanted to do some ironing.

There it is... the vegetables are cooked and ready to be filled in the stomach.

Colorful isn't it? Wanted to write more, but the mosquitoes are trying to attack me again. I am now watching "Bruce Lee, My Brother.
Short synopsis: This film dramatizes the life of Bruce Lee, kung fu king of the 70'ssilver screen who rocked Asia and the word with his charisma and fiery fists. The synopsis source taken from Astro Channel 311.
Till another post.

** I miss Elsa and Elly a lot. They are now not at home. They went for holidays for three days too from today**

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Reunion Lunch by myself

Having reunion lunch or dinner means eating together with family and friends? Today I came to understand one can have reunion lunch and dinner alone too. Since I've recovered from fever so I started cooking again. I was afraid that I do not know what to eat out side since many hawker food stalls and coffee shops have already closed for Chinese New Year. Maybe some of the shops are still open but with the warm weather outside 29 degrees, I prefer to stay at home.

This are the two dishes that I cooked thinking my other housemates will be home for meal but I received a call from both of them saying... " sorry we couldn't make it" and this means I will be having reunion lunch by myself. So three of us will be having reunion meal in separate places.

I am boiling some ginger chicken soup (a new recipe I created just now) for tea time. Hope the hot soup will help to get rid of the one year wind hidden in my stomach.

Last Minute Shopping at the Spring Mall

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone! I love this year's decoration at the Spring Mall. So many sweet mandarin oranges. I wonder what material they are made of.

I've not much time to update this post so it will be a short brief one. First thing we did when we left the house was to fill some food in the stomach and this was what I had. Tung Fan with meat balls/fish balls soup. Costs RM4.50. Expenisve? I guess the price is quite reasonable. Oh yeah, forgot to say where the place that we had our breakfast. It was Kenyalang Hawker Centre. We managed to get a parking place very fast and need not waited long.

After breakfast we went to the Spring Mall and we were so happy to see the parking lot was still not occupied yet. No long queue needed for today. How I wish every week we could choose to park the car without having to queue. How many cars can you see right now? :)

After we parked the car, we had to wait for another half an hour for the main entrance door to be opened at 10.00 am. Once the door was opened the first place we went was Parkson Gents Department. I bought two t-shirts and a short sleeve shirt and a Hush Puppies t-shirt. After that we went for our lunch.

This was the first time I had to humilate myself for ordering a set of Junior Dine In 4pc Fried Wanton/BBQ Chicken/Chicken Ric (small)/Soup of the Day/Strawberry Drink at RM9.90. All for the sake of a CNY plushie at RM3.99 as a little birthday gift for Fiona. I hope nobody noticed what I was eating but I remembered there was a little girl who looked at me for quite some time wondering why I ordered a Kid Meal. In future I rather pay extra for a plushie.

After doing a little shopping at Ta Kiong Supermarket, we went home at about 2.00 pm feeling real tired and today is another day again. Will start cutting the ingredients to cook for Reunion Lunch/Dinner so will see you in another post. Happy Chinese New Year again to all. Gong Xi Gong Xi.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Short video clips of Bund Sightseeing Tunnel

Went to Pending Road last night to get the thumb drive from a friend. All the way there although the jam was bad but I continue to get the important thumb drive that meant so much to me.

Remember my post about the Shanghai Trip Bund Sightseeing Tunnel. As we went through the tunnel, it was like a colourful time travel machine. It was called the Laser Tunnel. Hope with the video above, the memories of my post of
8 Days China Shanghai Tour will be refreshed. Click here to remember better

Friday, January 20, 2012

So expensive!

It has been weeks since I last ordered this dish. Then I thought I would like to tapao "Thai Curry Fish" from one of the food court near Everrise Supermarket. When I opened the container to pour the fish on the plate, I stared at the fish for a while, thinking could this be a dream. Why so little? RM8.00 for this dish? Oh no... how could it be true. I told myself this will be the final time ordering this "Thai Curry Fish" . I rather eat salted egg when I do not know what else to have for dinner.

Faster streamyx speed at 4mbps

Few days ago when I was not feeling well, I received a call from KL streamyx that our area in Stampin can received 4mbps streamyx line already. Now we are having 4mbps but the line is not stable yet. I was told to wait for another three days before the line is stable. Will continue to wait for another 36 hours.
Streamyx 4mbps RM140:
Free Wifi Modem
Free Cordless Phone
Free local and national call
Flat rate 10sen/min to all mobile and other fixed line nationwide.
Download Speed: 5mbps
Upload Speed: 512kbps
During the conversation I was told that I would be given:

- free Wireless Modem which covers one year warranty
- free cordless phone - self collect from any TM Point 1 month later
- free unlimited calls to all TM fixed lines within Malaysia
- 10 cents per minute call to non TM fixed lines and to all mobile lines
- applicable to existing fixed line owner and also new fixed line applicants

- the contract is at least one year. Customer needs to pay penalty RM350 if terminates
within 1 year. After 1 year, the customer may continue or terminate.

Dial 019-8865321 for City Plumbing

The water flow to the drain in the master bedroom was stucked for few days and in the end we couldn't stand any longer and so we called the number to the rescue. Now the water is flowing smoothly and there's no more leakage problem. Before the guy left, we asked him whether he will be off during Chinese New Year but he told us he will be on standby all the time. What and excellent service. No more headache when there is any pipe burst or plumbing work needed during Chinese New Year time. It's not easy to get such services nowadays. Thank you Mr. Plumbing man for everything.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A special message to all mosquitoes!

This is the best picture I've ever received this month. I wonder how she drew and color it. She told me earlier on she drew with her hand on her hp but I am still cracking my head how she did it. She is so artistic. Forgot to ask her just now how long she took to draw that. Must be a creative person to be able to draw herself.

I hope she can draw more for me to make my day. Tonight, mosquitoes have been biting me non stop. They never grow tired of doing that. So much of my blood has sucked by them. Hope they are not the vampire mosquitoes that I feared most. From tomorrow, I will try to wear thicker clothing but will that help?

A special message to all the mosquitoes who had my blood in them and those who are going to bite me:

Hello to all the mosquitoes out there. Please stay away from me from now on. Let me tell you something which I've never done before. If you think of sucking my blood or just bite for fun, stop doing that. It is an offence to stay on my skin without asking me. Please do something good and all of you will lead a happier life.

Three beautiful gifts!

Chinese New Year is just next Monday and I am still on the road to recovery. I have been not feeling well since January 9, 2012 until three days ago. Hopefully everything will be back to normal again next week before my next flight home. Thank you Eunice for snapping and uploading the three pictures for me last night.

One of the hampers below is from Terry a special friend whom I've been calling "sailo" since years back. We only gave him some mandarin oranges and he gave us such a special gift for Chinese New Year. Thank you again for being someone special.

Snowing in Ipoh?

When I received this picture, I wanted to faint. What was happening in our home? Snowing? Nah.. that was not snow. How can snow be so colorful? It was just pieces of magazines stripes done by the naughties when no one was at home. How could they do that to us. They have been naughty no matter how we tried to train them not to be one. Thought about the whole situation again, it was not an easy job to tear the papers like that in such a short period. If ever they do this again with me around, they will have to stretch their skin properly for me to give them some comfort medicine.

Pomelo and the twins

The other night I received a message from home saying that Elly and Elsa think differently. One is scared of pomelo and the other one just love the smell of it. I was told that Elly is afraid of the sweet fruit which is called "Pomelo" However, Elsa was curious to find more about that special fruit whom many would like to give as a special gift on festive season. Just view the pictures below how both of them reacted to the fruit.

*Do you think it's wise to be precaution and scared of the things you have never seen before or is it smarter to be curious and sniff away on the things you have never experienced before?*

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Huntkey Power Supply for my PC

Went and cash out some money to buy new clothes for Chinese New Year but something happened last night. In the middle of updating my blog, suddenly my pc just went into darkness. Black screen. I tried starting it again and it went auto-shut by itself three times within 15 minutes. In the end here is what I had to do. Bought a new power supply and time being it is fix back and working again. This means I have to postpone buying new clothes at the moment.

Introducing Huntkey - Jumper 550 power supply (certified by 80Plus/with 3 years warranty) for my computer.

This is for my record so that when I unplug the cables I will remember how to fix them back to the place where they belong in future.

More of Elsa and Elly before play time on January 7, 2012

One evening on January 7, 2012 that was a day before my flight. I caught Elsa and Elly had a little fight and did not want to miss taking one or two pictures of them. Before that, they tried hard to control themselves from showing me what they usually do in the evening before dinner time. They walked round the car park hoping I would give up following them. But they were a bit disappointed when I just continued to observe them. At some point of time both of them tried showing me that they were tired and wanted to doze off. I knew it was not their usual self so I just waited patiently and.. ahaa I managed to captured two pictures of them having a little friendly fight.