Friday, January 20, 2012

Faster streamyx speed at 4mbps

Few days ago when I was not feeling well, I received a call from KL streamyx that our area in Stampin can received 4mbps streamyx line already. Now we are having 4mbps but the line is not stable yet. I was told to wait for another three days before the line is stable. Will continue to wait for another 36 hours.
Streamyx 4mbps RM140:
Free Wifi Modem
Free Cordless Phone
Free local and national call
Flat rate 10sen/min to all mobile and other fixed line nationwide.
Download Speed: 5mbps
Upload Speed: 512kbps
During the conversation I was told that I would be given:

- free Wireless Modem which covers one year warranty
- free cordless phone - self collect from any TM Point 1 month later
- free unlimited calls to all TM fixed lines within Malaysia
- 10 cents per minute call to non TM fixed lines and to all mobile lines
- applicable to existing fixed line owner and also new fixed line applicants

- the contract is at least one year. Customer needs to pay penalty RM350 if terminates
within 1 year. After 1 year, the customer may continue or terminate.


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