Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Huntkey Power Supply for my PC

Went and cash out some money to buy new clothes for Chinese New Year but something happened last night. In the middle of updating my blog, suddenly my pc just went into darkness. Black screen. I tried starting it again and it went auto-shut by itself three times within 15 minutes. In the end here is what I had to do. Bought a new power supply and time being it is fix back and working again. This means I have to postpone buying new clothes at the moment.

Introducing Huntkey - Jumper 550 power supply (certified by 80Plus/with 3 years warranty) for my computer.

This is for my record so that when I unplug the cables I will remember how to fix them back to the place where they belong in future.


Benita Bolland said...

I definitely agree with your last statement, Wern! With so many things in our mind, we tend to forget the simplest things such as plugging these cable wires to their proper places. In this photo, you can easily determine the proper place of these cable wires.

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