Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Blackie our new friend

This is Blackie and Nickie but today I will just introduce Blackie first

This year Chinese New Year has been very meaningful to me as I have three new friends. I will blog about the other two new friends in my later posts. In this post it is just about Blackie.

I've known Blackie for just three days. He is the brother of Nickie and who is Nickie then. Will update more of Nickie pictures in my future post. Yesterday Blackie was very shy when I first met him. I wanted to take bath for him yesterday but did not manage to as he was still sleeping and when I tried calling him to come near me he was reluctant.

This morning I tried again and this time he came to me. With Eunice help, we took him to our house and we gave him a warm shower. I've never seen such an obedient puppy when taking bath. He just stood still when we apply shampoo and showered him. He didn't struggle at all. After that we gave him some milk but he only drank a few sips but he ate a piece of treat. Yummy, yummy Chinese New Year treat for him. After taking a few shots of him in different pose, we took him home. Will play with Blackie again tomorrow.

Elly just gave Blackie a quiet look. I wonder what was she thinking.

* Blackie sounds a common name but this name suits this little puppy well as when we see him, the color black will straight comes to our mind.


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